Clock Solitaire Game

Clock Solitaire Game
The Clock Game is a solitaire game that has the setup looking like a clock face. You need a standard 52 card deck with no Jokers to play this game. There should be plenty of room for you to use as you will use all cards in a setup of thirteen piles of four cards each.

You can put twelve of the four card packs in a circle like a clock face with one pack of four in the middle. If you play that way, the top card of the inside pack is the one you start with. The twelve four packs of cards represent the numbers one through twelve. The inside pack represents the Kings.

Should you want to line up the thirteen packs to make three lines of four with one odd pack of four at one end, you may do that. Two lines with six packs and one at an end is fine as well. You are playing the game, so line the cards up to please yourself.

No matter how you set it up, the object of the game is to try to get all the other cards except one King turned up. This is a very challenging game to win. There is no strategy, just the luck of the draw.

Since you have thirteen packs of four cards and you know there is an Ace through King in each of the suits; each pack of four has a corresponding number of Ace through King.
When you turn over the top card of the starter pack of four, you will place it on the bottom of the corresponding number pack of four cards.

For example, if you make the clock shape, you will turn over the top card of the inside pack. Let’s say it is a 2. You will take that card and place it face up on the bottom of the 2nd pack of four cards in your lineup. It should be located at the two o’clock position of your clock face setup.

Now, starting with the 2nd pack, turn over the top card on that pile. For this scenario, we will say it is a 5. Place the 5 card face up on the bottom of the 5th pile of four packs. You then, in turn, pick up the top card of the 5th pile of four packs and place that card face up on the bottom of its corresponding pack.

The play continues as described until you have turned up every card except for the last (fourth) King. As stated before, this is a very challenging game to win.

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