How to Blow Dry Thick Hair

How to Blow Dry Thick Hair
Using these steps, you will be able to dry and smooth thick hair while shaping it into your style – without or with very little use of curling irons or rollers. These directions are for short to medium length, if your is longer, divide into smaller sections and use a larger round brush or a flat brush.
    What you will need:
  1. A large thick absorbant towel
  2. Large toothed comb or plastic pik
  3. Seven large claw or duck bill clips
  4. Either a round brush or a flat paddle brush.All about brushes
  5. Your blow dryer should be at least 1200 watts.About blow dryers I have found that Ionic blow dryers will dry your hair faster. Ionic Dryer Review
After your shampoo and conditioner, rinse well and wrap your hair snugly with your towel. Keep the towel wrapped around your hair for 3 or 4 minutes. – even longer if your hair is very long. Being patient now will save you in drying time and frustration.
Take the towel off and comb through your hair with a wide tooted comb or large plastic pik. Apply your product.
    Preparation for Drying:
  1. Divide your hair into seven sections
  2. Section off the top area of your hair (the top of you head from front to crown) then divide it into two – front, #1 and back, #2, twist each up and out of the way and clip it.
  3. Two more sections are on the sides, #3 a&b, from the front hairline to just behind your ears.
  4. Section off another section of about two inches just below the top, #4. Twist it and clip it up out of the way.
  5. Divide off one more section about two inches down from that. #5
  1. Start at the bottom layer –section #6. Use your round brush and dry the entire section completely. To use the round brush, take a section of hair that is about the same width as the brush. Place the hair over and around the brush. Apply the dryer and rotate the brush as you dry. The bristles work to smooth each hair as they rotate. If this proves too complicated, leave out the rotation of the brush.
  2. When that area is dry, release the next section, #5. Wrap chunks of hair your round brush and dry the entire section before going on to the next. – Section #4
  3. When the back is dry move on to the sides. Sections # a&b. Each side can usually be done as one section, however if they are very thick, divide them into two sections each.
  4. When the back and sides are dry, release Section # 2. Dry this area thoroughly, paying special attention to using the round brush so that it is shaped nicely.
  5. Your last section is #1. Dry it in the direction of your choice, taking care to place your part and fringe (bangs) section.

The best results come from patience. A perfectly shaped and polished style is easy, but takes time. Spending the extra effort in drying brings rewards and compliments.

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