Would I Let My Daughter Play Football?

Would I Let My Daughter Play Football?
Football is a male dominated sport. From Pop Warner to the NFL, males are offered the chance to play football. Men are also the largest fan base. When a woman shows interest in playing football, it is often questioned. So recently I was asked if females should have their own professional league. My answer:

Women already have professional teams to play football. Football is a great sport, so why should women not have a place to play? I agree that some women are not physically equal to men and should not play in the NFL. There are some women who could give a man a run for his money either way. When kids are younger and they are more equally matched, I have no problem with males and females playing on the same team.

There are more girls becoming interested in sports like football, so female Pop Warner teams are slowly being introduced. Sports are a great way for girls to learn things like self esteem, responsibility, and team work. Boys have been gaining this through football for as long as football has been around. I am for anything that will help make our society better. Give girls something to do besides think about boys. If we give girls more options, we are giving them a future where they are not dependent on an abusive husband or having children while they are still in high school. Sure some of this will still happen, but we can help many realize they can do more and they will make better decisions. With the decision making skills learned in football, girls will be on the right track.

It always bothers me that the first thing questioned when a female wants to play football is her sexual orientation. Why does it bother some men so much that women are interested in football? Is it not better to enjoy football with your mate than argue because you are not spending time with her? Just because a woman likes or plays football does not mean she can not like men too. Believe it or not, some of us straight women do not care what the quarterback looks like. We want to know he has the arm to get us to the Super Bowl. But there are some women just like some men who watch football for the cheerleaders. Who cares? Football is a sport for everyone to enjoy if they take the time to watch it. I also love that men think women are weak and can not take the pain. Watch the birth stories on The Discovery Channel and tell me women can't take physical pain.

Would I let my daughter play football? Yes! I would not want her playing with guys that are bigger than her like on the high school level, unless she is a kicker. But when she is Pop Warner age, I would love for her to play. Already at 2, she is showing more interest in sports than her brother. But she may choose to play softball instead. She has a great arm. (Not the mom talking here, but everyone who sees her throw says she has a very accurate throw with both hands). Or maybe she will be the next Michele Wie and play golf. (I hope she is that tall!!) But whatever she does, I want her to learn the love of football and the lessons that go along with it because they will make her have a better life.

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