Card Dominoes

Card Dominoes
For this game, three people used a 28-pack of dominoes and one deck of cards. Should you add more people, it would be best to add more dominoes and cards accordingly.

Leave out the double blank domino. Separate the dominoes into numbers and blanks, double dominoes, and then the rest are jumbled to choose from. To begin, each player picks one from the numbers and blanks, one from the doubled dominoes and the remaining three from the rest of the dominoes.

After people have picked their five dominoes, all of the remaining dominoes are mixed up so that no one knows which dominoes are which. This way, it is all fair if people want or need to trade in dominoes later in the game.

Each player needs five dominoes to match with cards. The dominoes are placed face up in front of the player. Everyone that is playing sees all other dominoes in play. You match only your own dominoes.

Each player gets five cards. The cards are held in your hands. No one is to see them until you lay them down when you match your dominoes.

When the deal is done, the remaining cards are placed face down in the middle of the table. This is called the foundation pile. The top card gets turned up. This is the discard pile. The discard pile is only for cards that are to be traded. When the foundation cards are gone, the discard pile gets turned face down and becomes the new foundation pile.

For placing with dominoes, each card is equal to the face value. An Ace is one, a two is two, a Queen is twelve, etc. The Kings are wild, as they equal thirteen.

The play always goes to the left. On your turn, you have three choices of play. You can match up dominoes to cards, change a domino, or change one to all five of your cards.

Your turn does not end if you can continue to match up your dominoes. If you use all of your five cards to match dominoes, you take five more cards from the foundation pile and continue matching if you can.

Once you can no longer match up your dominoes to cards, you must draw as many cards as you need from the foundation pile to make five cards in your hand. The turn then passes to the player on your left.

If you trade in one or more of your cards, your turn ends as that is the play you decided to make. Even if you draw a card that matches a domino, you must wait until your next turn to make the match.
Should you decide to trade in one domino for another that is another turn.

With dominoes, you may only turn in one at a time. If you pull out a new domino that matches cards in your hand, you must wait until your next turn to match up cards to dominoes.

The object is to total the amount on one domino with cards in your hand. You may use one or more cards to make the match.

Should you pull a double six domino, you can match that domino with two 6 cards or a Queen, which equals twelve. A one and a blank would only require a match of an Ace. You could always use a King as a wild card. A six would take a 3, 2 and an Ace or a 6 card, or a 4 and a 2, or two 3’s to match.

Once you make a complete match to a domino, lay the card or cards you used to match the domino on the table in front of you with the corresponding domino on top of it. That lets everyone know what is out of play.

As a King totals thirteen, that card is a wild card that can be used on one domino, or to combine with another card to make a match to a domino.

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