Major WWE Star Jumps to ECW, WWE vs. ECW Results & Thoughts, and Lots More

Major WWE Star Jumps to ECW, WWE vs. ECW Results & Thoughts, and  Lots More
Here are a few notes on the WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head special that aired on Wednesday night.

Big Show is now officially part the ECW Roster. He was the locker room leader throughout the WWE vs. ECW Head to Head special Wednesday night but, after eliminating Randy Orton in a WWE vs. ECW Battle Royal and winning for WWE, Show ripped off his shirt to reveal an ECW shirt underneath. Angle jumped in the ring, teased a turn, then embraced Big Show and celebrated with him.

Also revealed, not on the show but on the ECW website (a subsite of, Tazz will, in fact, be part of the ECW roster as I reported in my last column.

Randy Orton was on the show and it was revealed he is now a Raw superstar and no longer part of Smackdown. There are several reasons why this jump happened but it is just another blow for Smackdown losing so much talent to injury, ECW, and other factors.

Nunzio is back in ECW as his old character, Little Guido. Whatever will Big Vito do now? Stevie Richards, Al Snow (with Head), and Justin Credible were also on the show and are officially part of the ECW brand. Also, look for David Heath aka Gangrel to be part of the promotion.

The show was excellent and a great build for the ECW One Night Stand 2 pay per view. It wasn't pushed hard enough and I doubt it will get a big rating but it should. For the most part, it was a better show than Raw or Smackdown have been in months.

Quick WWE vs. ECW Head to Head Results and My Thoughts on the Matches and Angles:

* Rob Van Dam defeated Rey Mysterio in good 10 minute non-title match. RVD slipped up a few times but, in all, a solid and exciting bout to start off the show.

* A confrontation between Angle and Orton to set up their match on Sunday was next. Both were good on the mic. Orton came off quite strong and very cocky (as a heel should). Angle came off as dangerous and a real threat. I still don’t care much for the idea of this match on the ECW pay per view but this angle helped up the intensity.

* Mickie James defeated Jazz in a decent non-title match. When they said it was a non-title match, I had forgotten completely that Mickie was the women's champion. Sheesh. I better keep up, huh?

* John Cena did a backstage promo that was extremely intense and very good. He acknowledged that he would be booed out of the building Sunday and that, if he won and kept the title, there could be a riot (He isn't kidding either!). But he said he won't run away and he will keep on fighting. He got very intense at the end, like the days of his old Prototype character.

* Big Show won the 20 Man WWE and ECW Battle Royal. There were 10 men from each "promotion" in the ring and Show ended up eliminating Orton. Here is where the twist came where Show revealed he was not part of WWE, but had "signed" with ECW. Angle and Show hugged after the match. I was surprised to see Show jump because he is so unlike an ECW character but I guess the new ECW is going to be unlike the old ECW so I have to put my notions aside. The Battle Royal was what you would expect when you get 20 guys in a ring but the end served its purpose. Nunzio was in this match, back as his ECW character, Little Guido. Justin Credible and Al Snow were also in the match.

* Edge (with Lita and Mick Foley) defeated Tommy Dreamer (with Terry Funk) in a crazy, brutal match that ended with Lita literally sitting on Tommy's face and Edge pinning him. Typical... But the match itself had a lot of action between all participants including a very good exchange between Funk and Foley. It is amazing how bad Funk looked for the past couple weeks but when he fights in the ring, he looks 20 years younger. Foley came out of that with a bloody, swollen eye.

* During all the matches and the last one in particular, Joey Styles and Tazz, announcing for ECW and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, announcing for WWE, got into several verbal exchanges which were actually pretty harsh and somewhat enjoyable to listen to. So much of what they said seemed like a shoot or at least a semi shoot. This was building up to a confrontation between Lawler and Tazz a bit later. Good stuff from all four guys.

* Mick Foley did an incredible promo sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring. For those of us who watched him in ECW and WWE, it was just so interesting the way he spun things. He was intense and much less cartoonish than he has been in years. He went a bit long but everything he said explained why he was loyal to WWE even though he loved the old ECW. It was quite a piece of work and reminded me why I once truly marked for Foley. I have lost a lot of interest in him over the past few years but this promo sparked my interest in him once again.

* After taking shots all night at one another, the tension escalated between Tazz and Lawler and Lawler tossed his headset aside and challenged Tazz to a fight. Tazz, wearing his trademark orange (but it was an orange dress shirt), took off his jacket and threw down his headset. The two brawled over the announced table and swung at each other until they landed on the ground. Security ran out to pull them apart. This was well done. It had been building and it seemed very unscripted, which of course, it wasn't. But it was a good way to pump people up for a match between these two guys especially if they never saw either actually wrestle.

* John Cena had the STFU locked onto Sabu when Big Show charged the ring, thus causing a DQ finish. Both sides ran out and squared off in the ring to end the show. I was wondering how Cena and Sabu would mesh and they did OK except that Cena suddenly was in a punching mood and doing a lot of UFC-like punches which is unusual for him. Sabu got in sufficient offense but did end up getting FU-ed before being put into the submission hold. There was no other way this match could end considering the matches the two are involved in on Sunday.

This show was better than Raw or Smackdown has been in months, in my opinion. There was so much intensity and tension that I really got into it. I do wish we would have been exposed to more of the regular ECW guys except for the Battle Royal and the fight at the end but I suppose there will be sufficient time to see them all on the pay per view and on the weekly Tuesday show which will air on the Sci Fi channel weekly at 10 p.m.

WWE did a very good job of making me want to see the pay per view whereas before I really wasn't all that excited about it. I am still not over the top all excited but now I see what I have to look forward to and I am much more willing to shell out the bucks to watch the show Sunday than I was after Raw on Monday night.

Talk about the show and ECW on the forum. It's going strong!

My Condolences

I would like to take a moment to give my condolences to the family of John "Earthquake" Tenta. Tenta died this week from bladder cancer which he had been fighting for quite a while. He was just 42 and leaves behind a wife and three children.

I will be back after the ECW ONS 2 pay per view with results and opinions.


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