2006 Memorable Moments

2006 Memorable Moments
Top 10 Most Memorable Moments of 2006 on ABC Daytime

Laura’s Return--Seeing Genie Francis is always a real treat. I was disappointed in the way Luke and Laura's 25th Anniversary Celebration was handle--probably because there is so much more tat Laura could have done--but seeing the chemistry between the members of the Spencer family was a pleasure.

Lick It, Slam It, Suck It--Elizabeth, Emily, Robin, Kelly, and Lainey, all gathered at Jake’s to enjoy a few drinks and discuss their pathetic love lives. Just like real friends! It was great to see a side of these girls that didn't necessarily involve their men. And the fantasies about Dr. Patrick Drake, well, who hasn't had one or two of those?

Todd's Execution--Wow! Really, what more can be said? No one is likely to forget seeing Todd Manning’s "final" moments on earth. I never thought anyone but Roger Howarth could play Manning convincingly. Trevor St. John sure has proved me wrong. His portrayal even made those who hate Todd feel sorry for him.

Greg Madden's Torture--Who in Pine Valley was really sorry to see this evil doctor go? Even his "son" Josh knew the truth by the end and was able to shed only a few tears. Ian Buchanan's performance inside the box was amazing. Viewers could not only feel his hatred of all things Pine Valley, but were able to share in his fears as well.

Spencer Cassadine--After the way this baby came into the world (prematurely, via c-section, with his mother dying shortly afterward) and the paternity mess that came up, it was wonderful to see Nikolas really step up and be a father to him. But to go the extra step of naming him Spencer, attempting to put an end to years of hatred between the Cassadine and Spencer families, was so touching. I can just imagine Mikkos, Stavros, and Stefen spinning in their graves every time Nikolas says the boy's name.

Kevin Bonds With Zane--At the time of Duke's death, he and his father Kevin were not on the best of terms. After all, Duke had made it pretty clear that he was in love with Kevin's fiancée. In the early stages of her pregnancy with Duke's child, Kelly wasn't even on speaking terms with Kevin. Yet when baby Zane was born early and his chances of survival were slim, Kevin put aside all his bad feelings and focused solely on the baby. It was Kevin's touch and voice that gave Zane the strength to live.

Lily Hugs Jonathan--This tender moment was my favorite on ABC daytime this year. Lily's autism spectrum disorder leaves her with a fear of the color red and physical touch. Jonathan understood her fears. He made sure she always had her sunglasses nearby and came up with the idea of each of them holding one corner of a white hankie, rather than holding hands. But after seeing her new husband collapse in the park, Lily's fears didn't phase her. She stayed at his side, and her relief showed through when she briefly hugged him at the hospital. Given time, I do believe that Lily's love for Jonathan could have brought her closer to "normal" than anything else.

My Two Dads--Ryan Lavery and Zach Slater can hardly be called friends. With both men in love with the same woman--a woman carrying Ryan's child thanks to Zach's meddling--these men barely tolerated each other at the beginning of 2006. But as Kendall clung to life following JR's attempt on Babe's life, they reached a new level of respect for one another. Ryan was willing to fight for Kendall's life, while Zach was prepared to do anything to protect the child Kendall desperately loved. When the crises was over and Baby Spike was born, both men bonded with him. They have put aside their differences to raise the baby with Kendall of course, in a happy, loving family.

Letter in a Bottle--Losing the one you love is bad enough. But having to face a stranger identical to your lost love, and not being able to properly say good-bye, can make it impossible to let go. Just ask Nash Brennan. He fell in with Tess, even created a child with her, without knowing she was an alternate personality and not a "real person". When the integration was complete, Jessica retained some Tess traits, but her own love of Antonio won out over Tess's love of Nash. Knowing Tess was gone didn't help Nash get over her. He needed to say good-bye. So he wrote her a letter, which he sent out to sea in a bottle from his winery. A very fitting way to say good-bye to the dream woman who shared in his dream.

Hostage Helena--Hostage taken is a Cassadine family hobby, and no one enjoys it more than Helena. In recent years, she has taken Lucky, Nikolas, Elizabeth, Emily, and Courtney all against their will. Seeing her gagged and handcuffed to a bed was sweet payback for all the damage she ahs done. And that her imprisonment came at the hands of Colleen, a women she brought into her beloved grandson's life, made watching it even more delicious.

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