Apples to Apples Review

Apples to Apples Review
I received this game as a prize at a Christmas party one year. The game has been played at many functions and has people requesting that I bring it again.


One player is chosen to be the first judge/dealer. After dealing the cards, the judge will pick 1 green apple card to be the question to which the red apple cards will be the response. Deal will then always continue to the left.

There are green apple cards and red apple cards. Each player gets 7 red apple cards. The cards are to be looked at, but not shared until it is time to lay them down in response to the green apple card chosen by the judge.


The judge turns over the first green apple card and reads what it says. The judge does NOT play a card; they only deal and judge when it is their turn.

Here is one example of a green apple card that they might pick up as the "question" to the red apple card "answers": Frightening (scary, horrifying, awesome). Each card has a main word and then words that describe that word to make sure everyone understands.

Each player looks at the red apple cards in their hand and tries to figure out which card might be declared the winner. Everyone picks out the card of their choosing and hands it to the judge face down.

The judge then turns over the cards and reads them out loud; but only when everyone has handed in their cards. Expect laughter when odd answers are read. Some subjects can be more serious, even when hilarity is expected.

Here is an example of 7 cards to choose from that may be in a hand: Jack The Ripper, AIDS, Homework, Science Fair Projects, Hooligans, George Washington, Zucchini.

The card you play depends on the judge. If you know the judge at the time to be a serious person, you may want to play the card that says; AIDS or perhaps Jack The Ripper. Should the judge have an odd sense of humor, you may want to try laying down the card that reads; Zucchini or they might choose the word Homework.

When the round is over, everyone needs to pick up another red card from the reserve pile. Always maintain 7 cards in your hand to ensure that your choices are plentiful.


The object of the game is to be the person who captures the most wins. That is why you want to try to play your answer to the judge in each round.


The pros are many. This is a fast-paced, hilarious game that is easy to set up and play. The only room you need is for the players as the cards are in the middle so that everyone can reach them. It makes the party!

The only con I have encountered is that some people are sensitive and could get their feelings hurt if their choice of red apple cards are not picked. You could try to avoid that if you just play for a certain time span and not for points.

Apples to Apples can be picked up in most toy/game sections of department stores. Out of the Box Publishing Inc is the company that made this game possible.

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