Dogs In Islam

Dogs In Islam
Chapter 6, verse 38
There is not an animal on the earth or a being that flies on its wings, but form communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and all shall be summoned to their Lord in the end.

Everything that lives on earth submits to the will of God whether they do it willingly or unwillingly. Every creature that God has created forms its own community just as humans and jinns do. Animals will be called before God just as humans and jinns will be summoned. These animals also include dogs.

Dogs are mentioned in the Quran by name. They are never called dirty, evil or bad and they are never mentioned as making the wudu (wash before prayer) nullified. These stories of dogs being called bad by God are myths and lies.

The Cave (Al Kahf), chapter 18, verses 18, 22 of the Quran talks about a dog in the story of the dwellers of the cave The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. It tells of how the angels turn the sleepers in their sleep with their dog in their midst. The angels entered the cave where dog slept with its masters, the angels were not afraid of the dog. The angels do not consider dogs evil or dirty.

If we have two recording angels (50:17) recording in shifts (13:11) everything we do, do you think the angels refuse to do their work when a dog is around?

Dogs have been the companions of human beings since the beginning of our time here on earth. Dogs can be trained to catch food (5:4), herd other animal, warn of intruders, be completely obedient and the reward for our kindness and care is loyal companionship from a trusted creature who shares this planet with us at God’s will.

No one has the right to condemn an animal just because they do not like it. Steer clear if you think a dog might bite you, not every dog on the planet is trained or well bred. Dogs live in the wild in packs and will attack if they have young or feel threatened, but a domesticated, well trained dog is a joy to live with. It will protect your home and your family.

Dogs are descendants of the wolf. They have been bred to look as individual as the humans on this planet. Some are big and some are tiny but all live by a code, dog code. They are not small human beings. They do not understand our language too well, but they learn what we are trying to communicate to them by listening out for repetitive words that connect to what it is they want, walk, dinner, toilet etc. Dogs are pack animals and they need a leader, if you want a dog to live in ‘your pack’ you must be its leader. Learn how to handle and train a dog and be the master not the follower of the pack. A dog will have you following his command as quickly as he likes if you are not alert and attentive.

Dogs recognise people and objects and they look towards the right hand side of the human face to get information on the emotions we are omitting. They are fast learners but have individual personalities like us. Some dogs like playing ball others like playing sticks. Some dogs like dry food others like fresh.

God does not distinguish amongst his creatures so why does the human being feel the need to persecute any species just because of a superstitious tale told many generations ago?

Chapter 55, verse 10
He created the earth for all creatures.

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