She Ain't the One--A Review

She Ain't the One--A Review
For the month of July, I wanted to highlight some wonderful African-American male authors. One noteworthy book is “She Ain’t the One” by two bestselling authors, Carl Weber and Mary B. Morrison.

The book is narrated by Jay and Ashlee. Jay is a newly divorced, irresistible man who moves to D.C. to start a new life and to find his lost love Tracy. Ashlee is a sexy, deeply troubled woman with some disturbing secrets.

Jay ended his rocky marriage after ten years and longed to be with the woman he had an affair with three years ago. Jay had married Kenya because she was pregnant but he didn’t love her. He believed he was doing the right thing but was unhappy in their marriage. He found happiness and true love with the younger Tracy but once she discovered he was married, even though he was separated, she left him. Now a free man, Jay went to D.C. to find out if he and Tracy could rekindle what they once had, even though he had no idea how to find her.

Ashlee, still obsessing over her ex, meets Jay in a nightclub one evening. When Jay rescues her from an overzealous suitor, she immediately starts comparing him with her ex while at the same time sizing him up to be her next lover. Jay gives her his number and as she thinks about him, she is downing anti-depressants and thinking about how much she hates her ex and his new wife, who has sole custody of her son. She also decides that she will forget her ex and Jay was now her new man.

When Jay and Ashlee begin dating, they enjoy a spectacular physical relationship and Jay quickly falls in love with Ashlee. Ashlee and Jay spend a lot of time together and enjoy each other in every way. Ashlee falls for Jay as well and begins to seethe every time she even thinks another woman stealing her man. In fact, she begins to feel EVERY woman wants Jay. She becomes paranoid when she doesn’t hear from Jay or if he is not where she expects him to be. However, that does not stop her from buying a wedding dress shortly after they meet.

While Jay basks in his new found love, he remains unaware of Ashlee’s alarming problems. Since Jay and Ashlee live in separate cities, he is unaware of Ashlee’s history of violence, stalking and obsession. He also doesn’t realize, nor does Ashlee realize that she is obsessed with him. However, when Jay witnesses Ashlee’s extreme jealousy along with one of his friends, he begins to have doubts about their relationship but he remains determined to work it out with her.

When Tracy comes back into Jay’s life, with a son he didn’t realize he had, he becomes torn between his old love and Ashlee. When Jay eventually tells Ashlee about Tracy and their son, her jealousy grows out of control and Jay ends it. Ashlee remains determined to stay in Jay’s life and she begins stalking him. Little does he know that this is the only the beginning of his problems. Before he knows it, his life and the life of everyone he loves, is in dire jeopardy.
“She Ain’t the One” is a great read filled with plenty of passion, drama, suspense, and even a surprise twist at the end. Carl Webber and Mary B. Morrison weave a tale that keeps you hooked from beginning to end.

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