World Of Warcraft Collectible Cards

World Of Warcraft Collectible Cards
If you do not play World of Warcraft, or WoW as many people call it; chances are you know someone who does. Blizzard, the company that started Wow and other computer games, has garnered quite a following. Did you know that WoW also has collectible cards?

I bought a pack to see what types of cards it might contain. The range of cards was quite impressive and the characters on the cards were the same as on the screen. Here are some examples of cards I found in my deck.

One card is an Illusionary Rod. The crystal in the end is green and it is encased in very decorative and ornamental wire work. It looks like some of the weapons I have seen in the game.

Lady Kath is a Human Paladin. Already dressed and armed with a weapon, she looks like she is ready to strike at any moment.

There is a Night Elf Warrior and a Taurean Warrior. They are called Tristan Rapidstrike and Guardian Steelhorn respectively. On the cards they label them as Protectors. Guardian Steelhorn even has a shield raised in one hand with a pointed mallet in the other.

Besh'iah is a Troll Priest and the card has you destroy an ally in your party. She is blue with brown clothing. Galahandra, a Night Elf Druid has you exhaust a target ally. She is purple with shades of brown clothing armor. Her eyes are white with no eyeballs and she does have the big, pointy ears.

There are quests in the computer game and there are quests in this card game. One quest lets you draw a card, while another allows you to look at the top three cards of an opponents deck.

If you draw the Righteousness Aura card, the ability is retribution. If a hero or ally in your party would deal damage, it deals that much +1 instead.

The characters and scenarios are like the computer game. You cannot name your characters, nor do you need to go to the auction house. The only scenery is on the cards itself, but the next time the electricity is off or your computer is down, this card game would possibly quench your WoW thirst for a while.

KEEPING YOUR CARDS CLEAN: Should you choose to keep your cards clean and unbent, try keeping them in a solid container. Wood or plastic would do.

TRADING YOUR CARDS: Trade at will, but you should go on line or to a reputable dealer to find out about card worth before trading.

SOCIAL OUTLETS: Some people say that playing WoW on the computer is their way of being social. Possibly finding other WoW'ers through a site like Meetup would be a great way to get a WoW game going with cards. It could introduce real fellowship and you could possibly make some real friends along the way. You already have one interest in common.

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