Andrew Test Martin

Andrew  Test Martin
Andrew “Test”, “The Punisher” Martin was born in 1975; Test debuted as a professional wrestler until 1997 after first being trained by Bret Hart and then finishing up his training with Dory Funk Jr. at the Funkin’ Conservatory. He trained for eight months under Bret Hart and Leo Burke and hit the Indy circuit in Canada. He wrestled under the names of TJ Thunder and Martin Kane.

In 1998, Test appeared in the WWE as a bodyguard for the rock band Motley Crew, who was performing live on Sunday Night Heat. He then threw (kayfabe) an overzealous fan off of the stage during their performance. In December of that same year, Test teamed up with the Rock and feuded against the Rock’s then nemesis, Triple H. He was given the name Test after joining the heel Corporation that was started by Vince McMahon, in which the Rock had said in an interview that if Triple H wanted to face him for the World title then he would have to “Pass the test first.”

It wasn’t long after that, that Test began a storyline romance with Stephanie McMahon and they even announced their engagement after Test defeated Shane McMahon in a “Love her or Leave her” match at Summer Slam 1999. Shane disapproved of the romance between his sister and Test. Triple H eventually showed a video of him marrying Stephanie at a Las Vegas Drive Thru wedding chapel after drugging her. Shortly after that, Stephanie turned on Test and the McMahon-Helmsley began.

In 2002, Stacy Keibler became his onstage girlfriend and image consultant. She told him to cut his hair and start wearing tight shorts and that his fans will be called “Test-icles” since Hogan had the Hulkamaniacs and Kane had the Kaneanites. In 2003, Test formed a tag team with the returning Scott Steiner and began to badly treat Stacy as he thought that her relationship with Scott was a bit more than professional. He and Steiner then began feuding for Stacy’s management services and Test eventually won, stating that he was going to make Stacy “his whore”. He defeated Steiner again and this made Steiner become his “manservant”. Steiner blamed Stacy for this and began a feud with her. This had eventually pleased Test and he released Steiner from his manservant contract and became his tag team partner. Stacy was still under contract to Test until Mick Foley fired Test and Steiner as he was interim GM on Raw. A week later, Bischoff hired them back but Stacy was no longer under contract to them

In November of 2004, Test was released from the WWE along with Billy Gunn and A-Train. In 2006, Test was brought back into the WWE under the ECW brand and feuded with the likes of Rob Van Dam and Al Snow until he was released again a few months later for violating the WWE’s new Wellness Policy. He then went to TNA where he aligned himself with Sting and Abyss in their feud with the Christian Coalition. A few months later, in August, he was released from TNA for growing concerns about his “size” and TNA being investigated by Congress for steroid use. In 2008, he announced his retirement from wrestling for good, promising not to be one of those wrestlers who retire and then sporadically wrestle.

In March of 2009, he was found dead in his apartment in Tampa. Cause of death is as of yet unknown. My prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends

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