Keshia Chante Interview

Keshia Chante Interview

Shelia Goss: You’ve already received success in Canada. When did you decide it was time to branch off into the rest of the world?
Keshia Chante:
When we started shopping my album to labels in America...during that process, BET had already put one of my videos on rotation and about a month prior to that I was on a show on BET. The labels we shopped to knew of me already. They thought I was signed to Bad Boy Records. I was like “No, my song is called Bad Boy.” But thanks to the buzz and the confusion with the name, by the time we went to Sony in New York, they already knew what was going on. It’s all been very exciting.

Shelia: I read you were on tour with Destiny’s Child. Did that tour include the US?
Keshia Chante:
The last show they did together was in Vancouver. I opened up for them there---I had a 40 minute set.

Shelia: When Sony Urban/Epic Records picked you up, how long did it take you to record KISS?
Keshia Chante:
I had recorded a bunch of songs in the beginning, but we started all over again. I was a part of the whole process. Making the album was so exciting.

Shelia: Who did you work with on this album "KISS"?
Keshia Chante:
I worked with some amazing producers and writers {i.e.,Karma Productions,Freeway, Rockwilder}. We went to producers who brought amazing records.

Shelia: When will your album be released?
Keshia Chante:
Later this year, but the single should be out now.

Shelia: Are you doing any duets?
Keshia Chante:
I have one, but I don’t want to say right now.

Shelia: Is there an even number of up-tempo as well as ballads on the CD?
Keshia Chante:
It’s a lot of feel good uptempo and midtempo songs. I have two ballads on the album. I love ballads but for a first impression I didn’t want to make an entire album filled with ballads.

Shelia: What are some of your favorite songs on the CD?
Keshia Chante:
I was a part of every song. I pretty much executive produced the album. Being able to have creative control, every song is my favorite. Every song means something different to me. I wanted people to feel that every song could be a single.

Shelia: What kind of advice would you give others trying to follow your path?
Keshia Chante:
You need to love this with your heart & soul. You need to breathe music. My best advice-perform as much as you can. With every mistake, progress. Don’t take no for answer. I went as far as reading music industry books---contracts, etc.

Shelia: How do you balance music career with family/friends?
Keshia Chante:
My mama is my co-manager. Pretty much my family is involved in my career. My friends are like my dancers. We’re a tight knit family.

Shelia: You have a dual career…as a singer and now as a Ford Model. Did you always want to model?
Keshia Chante:
I’m really excited about modeling. Everybody else seems so tall. (side note: Keshia Chante’s only 5’2)

Random Thoughts with Keshia Chante

Do you prefer wearing jeans or a dress? Jeans
Do you prefer lipgloss or lipstick? Lipgloss
What’s your favorite perfume to wear? Intrusion by Oscar De La Renta
Are you a morning person or night owl? Both (depends on what I have to do)
Do you prefer ballads or more up-tempo songs? up-tempo

To find out more about Keshia Chante, visit her at or

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