Aces Up

Aces Up
Aces Up is a very easy solitaire game to play. All you need is one deck of cards and space enough for four cards and a wastepile. To win, the object is to have all four Aces showing when you are done. Aces are high in this game.

Turn over four cards, singly in a row. If there are two or more of any one suit, then the lower cards are wiped off the board. Place them in the wastepile off to the side. Fill in the gaps left with cards from the deck in your hand. If there are any more cards of one suit that are "low man on the totem pole", they also go into the wastepile.

Continue filling in gaps and eliminating low cards until there are no more plays to be made. This will be when there are four cards of different suits; because there will be nothing to eliminate. At that time you can deal another four cards in a row.

Before we continue, there is another way to fill in the gaps left by the cast off lower cards. You could fill a gap with the top card of one of the four piles on the table. Once you start filling in gaps a certain way, you must continue throughout the game. Decide which one you want to do before you start.

There are no redeals in this game. The cards get dealt one time and one time only.

Let's run through a possible scenario. Perhaps the first four cards you dealt were a Jack of spades, a 10 of spades, King of diamonds, and a 6 of diamonds. The 10 of spades would be eliminated due to the Jack being higher. The 6 of diamonds would also go to the wastepile because of the King of diamonds. You now have two gaps to fill.

That will leave the Jack of spades and the King of diamonds on the table. Filling in the two gaps gives you a 2 of clubs and a 9 of hearts. Since all four suits are represented, there are no cards to eliminate. At this time, you would deal another four cards from your hand on top of the cards you have before you.

The ideal situation is to end up with the four Aces in a row on the board; having beaten out all lower cards.

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