I Doubt It

I Doubt It
All you need is a standard deck of 52 playing cards and a few people to play this game. This is one game where three or more people are best to have in attendance. If you have six or more people, it is best to bring out another deck. For this article, we are looking at four players and just one deck.

The goal is to be the first player to get rid of your cards.

When the dealer is chosen, they will deal the whole deck out as evenly as possible. Play begins to the left.

As you get your cards from the dealer, start to organize your hand. It is best to go in order from Aces on up to Kings. This way, you know what you have to get rid of when your turn comes. It also helps when you think someone else might be bluffing.

The first player starts by laying down however many Aces he or she has in their hand. As cards are laid face down, tell the other players how many you are laying down and what their status is. First player plays Aces, the next player has 2's, the next lays down 3's, etc. When the last player of that round lays down Kings, it is time to start over with Aces being played by the next player.

If it is your turn and you need to lay down, let's say 2's; but do not have any in your hand, you will have to bluff. Take one or two cards out of your hand, lay them face down on the table and call, "Two 2's".

Here is where bluffing gets tricky. If you have to bluff, remember there are other people playing and you do not know what cards are in their hand. If you lay down cards and call them 2's when they might really be an Ace and a 4, you better hope that someone else doesn't have three 2's. If they do, they will certainly call your bluff.

When you call a bluff, you shout, "I Doubt It".

If you are the one that doubts, you need to be sure. If you doubt what another player lays down, and you see the cards are truly what the other player said they would be; you are the one that picks up the whole discard pile and has to get rid of it.

If you lay down cards and someone calls your bluff; and you were indeed bluffing, the discard pile is yours to get rid of. Don't lay down too many if you are bluffing, but at the same time, you'll have to think about getting rid of the cards in your hand. Remember, getting rid of your all your cards first is how you win the game.

If someone calls a bluff, the dealer is the one who picks up the cards that were just laid down to show everyone the outcome. Now, if the person who dealt is the bluff caller or the possible bluffer, someone else needs to show the last cards to the players. The bottom line is, it is best if the proof is carried out by a neutral third party.

This is a very enjoyable game that can get a little noisy and can be fun for everyone from the younger set to adults.

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