Basketball Goals

Basketball Goals
Basketball Goals

One of the most popular pieces of home equipment for personal recreation is the basketball goal. It can be used for individual and group activities and it is a great way to exercise, practice and have fun with family and friends. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a basketball goal

1. Do you want a permanent basketball goal or a portable one?

Portable basketball goals are the most convenient type of goal that you can buy. The goal can be moved from place to place with little effort. A permanent one cannot be moved once you set it up.

2. Look for a manufacturer who knows their products.

Make sure the goal you are buying is from a sports company or some type of company that specializes in fitness products and exercise equipment. Buying a basketball goal from a company that specializes in making fake flowers is a scary idea.

3. Look carefully at the way the goal is assembled before you purchase it.

Some goals are easy to assemble while others require several people and various tools. Read the list of items needed and make sure that you have everything or can get what you need to assemble the one you want to purchase.

4. Consider who will be using the basketball goal the most.

If a small child will be using the goal, you might consider a small, inexpensive, portable goal. There are several reasons for this. First, small children tend to get bored quickly and putting a lot of money into a basketball goal that may not get used very much can be discouraging. Second, small children grow quickly and if you consider how fast they grow, a small adjustable goal would be better and will be easier to resell to someone else if and when you decide to dispose of it. Third, small children change their minds a lot. One day they may love basketball and the next day they may not want to play basketball anymore.

If the goal is for an older child, a family, or just general recreation when friends come over, then I would recommend trying to purchase a durable, standard size goal. It can be adjustable or not and either permanent or not. Those are choices you have to make based on what you want and your situation. A permanent goal might not be a good choice at a rented home, etc.

My experience with the portable goal has been fairly positive. The goal we have is a Lifetime Street Court portable goal and I love being able to move it (which is fairly easy).

I do recommend that the base be filled with sand instead of water. In the climate where I live, water tends to evaporate quickly and this makes the goal easier to tip over. On a humorous note, you might notice that the local animals decide to use your basketball goal base as a water dish if you fill it with water. My dog discovered that by standing on the base at a certain spot, she could get water to seep out in a small puddle on the top of the base and drink from there, eliminating the need for a trip to water dish!

If you live in a high wind are, there are several things to think about. A permanent goal is less likely to get blown over than a portable one. If you fill the base of a portable one with water and don’t keep an track of the amount of water in it, the wind can blow it over much more easily than if it is filled with sand. The only way around that is to go outside and lay it down on its side when the wind gets up.

An adjustable goal is very nice to have, however, be sure to check out how the mechanics work on adjusting the one you want to purchase. I would highly recommend finding someone with a goal like the one you want and trying out the adjustment device for yourself. The one we have is almost impossible to adjust. It takes two people to adjust the height of the goal and is still very difficult to do. Someone else in my family owns a permanent goal that is not adjustable and it really is less difficult to deal with and maintain.

So now you have a little idea of what to look for when you decide to purchase a goal. The goal can bring you, your family and friends hours of entertainment and enjoyment so I hope you can find one that will suit all your needs and be a joy and not a trial to deal with.

See you on the court!

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