Bingo Patterns

Bingo Patterns
This article is to familiarize you with some of the possible Bingo patterns that you might be asked to mark on your cards. Please note, not every possibility will be covered here. There are too many to name and describe. Perhaps you could also think of a few you would like to try.

We'll start with "regular Bingo". This is where either horizontally or diagonally one number under each row is covered in a row. Vertically, 5 numbers must be covered under any one of the letters; B, I, N, G or O.

Coverall is just that. All numbers on the Bingo card must be covered. The opposite versions of that can be called Outside Square or Fences. In these games every number on the outside parameter is covered. This would be the columns under B and O as well as the top and bottom rows of the card.

Six Pack is where two rows of numbers by three across are covered. Postage Stamp is just two squares shy of that. Two rows of numbers by two across makes a Postage Stamp.

Making letters out of the columns and rows is another popular call for Bingo places. Each place will tell you the letter and advise you on how to mark it. The straight letters like T, I, H, L, E, and F will usually be self-explanatory. In fact, some places have you mark the word HI or even in smaller letters, hi. The capital HI usually means everything marked down the columns headed by B, N, and O. G is left out completely and the 3rd number down under the column I is marked to form the H part of the word HI.

Checkers is where every other square is marked. Checkers usually starts with the first square under the letter B covered and it is every other one from there on out. For this game, if allowed, I like to use a pencil to circle the squares I need to cover. It makes it a lot easier as you play the game. For some, it may be best to not cover a certain square if it is not part of your checkerboard.

As stated before, these are just some of the patterns covered by Bingo businesses. There are many more and new ones will no doubt be popping up from time to time. You could probably think of some yourself and add some new twists to Bingo games at home.

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