Ohio History and Trivia

Ohio History and Trivia
Ohio Trivia
Test your knowledge about famous people from Ohio. Learn some new things or review things you know. See how many answers you get correctly. Answers are at the bottom of the page, but don’t peek.

1) 1This author wrote some of the most famous westerns of all time. He started his career as a dentist, but loved writing, so gave up the dentistry. It's a good thing for us that he did. He wrote the Riders of the Purple Sage in 1912, at the age of forty. His name is:
a) Zane Grey
b) Ernest Hemingway
a) Robert Frost
b) Louis L’Amour

2) This is probably the best known director/producer in the United States. He has taken us from fear to awe to love and hate. He directed or produced the following movies, and many more. You should recognize all of these and can probably add more on your own:: Jaws; E T; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; the Indiana Jones series and the Back to the Future series, among others. His name is:
a) Francis Ford Coppola
b) John Ford
c) Quentin Tarantino
d) Steven Spielberg

3) This person began their career as a columnist for a local newspaper. It didn’t take long before they were syndicated. Their witty views on family life and being a parent helped many of us see the hilarity in everyday life. The person wrote several books based on these views. The one published in 1976 , The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, is probably the best known. This person is:
a) Dave Berry
b) Erma Bombeck
c) Bennett Cerf
d) Heloise

4) One of the most respected astronauts of all time. This person was the first to step foot on the moon on July 20th, 1969. This person is:
a) John Glenn
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Gus Grissom
d) James Lovell

5) This person is one of the most well-known golfers ever. He has won more PGA tour titles than any other person. He has won 18 PGA titles. He also holds the record for being the oldest person to win a PGA title. This person is:
a) Jack Nicklaus
b) Arnold Palmer
c) Tiger Woods
d) Lee Trevino

6) This inventor was born in Dayton, Ohio shortly after his family built a new home there. He and his older brother, Wilbur (who was born in Indiana), built the first airplane in their bicycle shop in Dayton. They took the plane to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where it flew. This person was instrumental in starting an organization that later became NASA. His name is:
a) Orville Redenbacher
b) Orville White
c) Orville Wright
d) Orson Welles

7) There were seven U.S. presidents from Ohio. Only Virginia has more, with eight. These seven Presidents were in power between 1877 and 1923. Pick the correct seven:
a) William Mc Kinley
b) John F Kennedy
c) William Taft
d) Benjamin Harrison
e) Thomas Jefferson
f) Warren Harding
g) James Garfield
h) Ulysses S Grant
i) Woodrow Wilson
j) Rutherford B Hayes

8) This woman was a famed part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. She was known as “Little Sure Shot” and it’s claimed that she once shot the ashes off Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany’s cigarette. Her marksmanship was so remarkable, that it enabled her to become friends with the famous Indian, Sitting Bull. Her name is:
a) Little Orphan Annie
b) Ann Margaret
c) Anne Rice
d) Annie Oakley

1) a
2) d
3) b
4) b
5) a
6) c
7) a, c, d, f, g, h, j
8) d

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