Tip of the Month - Spanish Future Tense

Tip of the Month - Spanish Future Tense
This verbal tense is not very difficult to conjugate.

You just have to start using the infinitive of the verb you want to conjugate, and then, add at the end the corresponding future ending. So, the main 'problem' would be learning those future endings, but don't worry, they are not very difficult to memorize, and after some practice, you will use this verbal tense without problems.

For example, let's conjugate the (Simple) Future tense (Indicative) of the verb 'andar' (to walk):

Yes, first, let's use the infinitive, that's 'andar'. And now, the future endings:

(Él - Ella - Usted)
(Nosotros - Nosotras)
(Vosotros - Vosotras)
(Ellos - Ellas - Ustedes)

andar +
andar +
andar +
andar +
andar +
andar +
Future endings:



And the result will be:

(Yo) andaré
(Tú) andarás
(Él - Ella - Usted) andará
(Nosotros - Nosotras) andaremos
(Vosotros - Vosotras) andaréis
Note that 'Andar' is a regular verb. Irregular verbs don't follow this rule.

Aquí tenemos algunos ejemplos (Here we have some examples):

- Mañana (yo) andaré (Tomorrow I'll walk)

- (Tú) Estudiarás la próxima semana (You'll study next week)

- Mañana ellos irán a Madrid (They will go to Madrid tomorrow)

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