Imagine Me and You – A movie staring Piper Perabo

Imagine Me and You – A movie staring Piper Perabo

Imagine a lushy decorated church. Imagine people mulling about in their finest attire. Imagine angelic music waifting through the air all around you. Imagine energy so strong that you feel it yet you do now know what it is.

He is waiting at the end of the aisle. He is sweating bullets while thoughts cross through his mind. “Is this right? Am I making the right decision? Am I sure I want to be tied to one person for the rest of my life?” Now picture her. She is tall, gorgeous, and perfect. She is “Barbie” perfect. She has on a form fitting botticed gown that is full and luscious in the skirt. It’s white of course. The top has lace, and there are silk buttons down the back. Her hair is perfectly held in place thanks to a lot of hairspray and bobby pins. Her vail frames the picture perfectly. Like her groom, she is sweating bullets while asking all the same questions of her that he asked of himself.

She makes it to the end of the aisle accompanied by her father. The Bride’s Maid takes her boquet. Her father places her lace gloved hand into his. Her father kisses her cheek. “Deerly beloved….”, the pastor begins. IN a matter of moments, “I do’s” are exchanged, he is kissing his bride, and they are off down the aisle to live happily ever after.


Didn’t you notice the nice florist who arranged the beautiful floral arrangements for this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime event? You may not have, but her sister did. In fact, her sister sat with her as everything started to happen. Not only did the sister notice her in all her pre-teen glory, but the bride, just as she was walking down the aisle into bledded bliss, off to the side noticed her. In those three seconds magic happened. A magic that is all too powerful to be controlled nor denied. In that blink of an eye, her life changed.

Imagine Me and You is a quirky, yet funny movie staring Piper Perabo. You may remember her from films like Cheaper By The Dozen, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, The Prestige, The Cave, and Coyote Ugly. She is a brilliant young thirty-something year-old actress who steps out of the “normal” comfort zones for those in Hollywood. While it may be chique to play gay, sometimes it can be a career ender or the beginning to being type-casted. Not to worry, in this film she excells, and it's not because she is a lesbian, but that she delves into taboo areas we really don't like to imagine, the area of human sexuality and reality.

There is a fine line between life and living it. This film explores those lines in ways that make us sit up and take notice. Whether it is the intimacy between persons who have been married for 30 years to the constant bride’s maid and never a bride. It explores the boundries of casual sexual relations and true intimacy. While at times slow, the film is a winner. It will hold your attention and make you wonder what is going to happen. It will also make you sit there and think… “Does true love or love at first sight even exist, and what would I do if it smacked me dead-square in the face?”

What happens when the boy falls in love with the girl, the girl marries the boy, and the girl falls head-over-heels for a woman at her own wedding? Watch the movie and you shall find out too!

Jase ;0)

Jason P. Ruel
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