Lost Season 3 Finale Depicts Hope of Rescue

Lost Season 3 Finale Depicts  Hope of Rescue
The season 3 finale of Lost depicted the events that took place as our favorite castaways carried out Jack’s plan to simultaneously turn off Danielle Rousseau’s transmission, blow-up the others who were infiltrating their camp, and stop the jamming equipment in the underwater hatch. By the end, the passengers of flight 815 were successful. It seemed that rescue may have finally been at hand, or I was it? As the plot unfolded, clues were revealed letting everyone know that once again everything is not what it seemed to be.

One part of the plan required Charlie to swim down to an underwater hatch; and once down there turn off the jamming equipment blocking there signal. As soon as this was accomplished, there was a message sent through from none other than Desmond’s Penny. Excited to see her, Charlie described the situation, including that they are trying to get a signal to the boat that she sent to rescue them. The confused Penny then stated that she had never sent a boat of any kind to their location. Instantly, Charlie’s face turned blank as if you could see the questions racing through his mind. If Penny didn’t send the boat then who did? Is the parachutist one of the Others or someone even more dangerous? Unfortunately, Charlie didn’t have the opportunity to ask any additional questions. At that very moment, Patchy planted a grenade at the window. With the explosion, the room where Charlie was receiving the transmission flooded, causing Charlie to eventually drown.

The plan down at the beach didn’t go with out a hitch either. Though the castaways were able to blow up 2 piles of dynamite, the 3rd was not detonated. With 3 of the Others still remaining, Sayid, Bernard, and Jin were shortly captured. Knowing what had happened, Ben tried to use this as leverage against Jack when attempting to convince him to turn over the satellite phone. Ben stated that there were people who were desperately trying to find the island; and if they successfully radioed the boat, they would kill every living thing here. Jack, refusing to listen to the seldom-truthful Ben, tied him up and brought him to the tower with the rest of the losties.

Once at the tower and Danielle’s message was turned off, the parachutist was able to make the call. As the phone was ringing, a familiar face returned throwing a knife into her back. It was John Locke. Stumbling from his previous bullet wound, he held a gun pointed at Jack. He told Jack not to answer the phone. That he wasn’t supposed to, and if he did he would kill him. Jack, calling John’s bluff, answered the ringing satellite phone and finally heard a voice from the outside world. But was this a good thing? Further clues lead us to believe that it may in fact have been a fatal error.

Like most Lost episodes, we were able to see flashes of one of our castaway’s lives. However, instead of jumping to the past, we jump to the future. In this bizarre account we see Jack, the beach-combers faithful leader, as a depressed, suicidal alcoholic. What could have happened to the passengers of flight 815 to have brought Jack to this state? Could it have been this fateful phone call? Or, with 3 seasons left to tell their story, will something even more dangerous and evil confront our castaways bringing Jack to the brink of suicide? One thing is for certain over the next several months, rumors and theories will abound. It won’t be until Lost returns in February, that we will begin to put more pieces of the Lost puzzle together.

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