Spanish preposition CON

Spanish preposition CON
Although the use of this preposition is very similar to the way it is used in English, here you have some notes about its use in Spanish. Click on the "Listen" link next to each Spanish sentence to listen to it. Ah! And don't forget we have a new poll!

Pronunciation: con (click to listen)
Origins: ‘con’ comes from the Latin term ‘cum’. Very similar, right?
English equivalent: with

(According to La Real Academia de la Lengua Española) /

1. Referring to an instrument (instrumento):
  • 'Píntalo con este pincel' (Listen)
    (Paint it with this brush.)
  • 'Cubrimos el plato con un paño' (Listen)
    (We cover the plate with a cloth.)
2. To express manner (modo):
  • Tenemos que actuar con calma. (Listen) (We have to act with calm (steady).)
3. ‘Con’ is also used to express company (compañía):
  • Juan está con su hermano. (Listen)
    (John is with his brother).
4. Idea of content (contenido):
  • Una casa con muebles. (Listen)
    (Una casa con muebles.)
5.Con + infinitive.
  • Con decir la verdad es suficiente. (Listen)
    (By saying the truth is enough.)
6. Con que + subjuntive tense:
  • Con que digas la verdad será suficiente (Listen)
    (It will be enough if you say the truth.)
7. Finally: Con tal (de) que + subjunctive tense (= provided that):
  • Con tal de que vengas será suficiente (Listen)
    (Provided that you come.)
These are the main uses for this Spanish preposition. This section will be updated soon so... be tuned!!

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