Number Of Abortion Clinics Reduced

Number Of Abortion Clinics Reduced
Fifteen years ago, 2,000 abortion clinics operated across the United States. Today there are only 750 in existence. What is causing the clinics to shut down? Every side of the ongoing battle of legalized abortion has an opinion…

1. Increasing opposition from conservative politicians. Never before have so many legislators come forward with broad limitation anti-abortion bills. Detractors have criticized by saying laws that so severely limit the abortion agenda are sure to fail, while still appeasing constituents. That may be true in a minority of cases. The bigger picture, though, reflects a trend in public opinion that does not bode well for abortion advocates.

Sweeping bans have yet to be very successful in the Senate, but smaller, more consistent winning steps are being taken to reduce abortions in the present and make abortion non-existent in the future. Terri Herring, President of Pro-Life Mississippi, told PBS documentary The Last Abortion Clinic, "I think it should be uncomfortable to be able to go in some place and kill your unborn baby".

To all the critics who say we, as a community, are not doing enough to stop all abortion immediately: Roe vs. Wade is a war. War is complex; it hinges on money, alliances, power struggles, strategy, and numerous factors that change continuously. This war will not be ended overnight. Abortion will be stopped as a result of deliberate strategy to take small effective measures to control and suppress the abortion process, and bigger, attention-grabbing laws that will aim to ban abortion and galvanize the public against its atrocities.

2. Loss of money hits the abortion clinics hard. When you talk to a former abortion clinic worker, whether they answered phones, did counseling, or performed the abortions themselves, they will all tell you the same thing: their job was to sell abortions. Sincere pro-choice activists aside, to the people behind the scenes abortion is big money:

$500.00 is the average cost for a first trimester chemical abortion.

$425.00 is the average cost for a first trimester surgical abortion.

$5,000.00 is the average cost for a late-term abortion.

Because of rising malpractice insurance premiums and an increased government focus on code violations within abortion facilities, abortionists have to raise their prices to cover their profit margins. In turn, women who want abortions are finding that it costs too much to justify the procedure and have started to consider alternatives to ending their pregnancies. That means the abortion providers have to pour money, time, and effort into hard-selling their services. What once was wildly profitable, easy money is now being challenged from many angles, making it all the harder to maintain. The result? Fewer abortion clinics.

3. God. Some of you are going to be disappointed that I'm bringing this up, but I’m a woman of faith and I’m taking an unapologetic stand. God is the reason abortion clinics are getting shut down. There is a faithful assembly that regularly petitions God to bring us back to the moral and spiritual standards the United States of America was originally founded upon. I have no idea what the future holds for Roe vs. Wade in our nation. I do know that scores of people have dedicated their life’s work to the overturning of it; I am one of them. God does hear our prayers and His blessings are apparent in every setback dealt to the pro-abortion community.

This is just the tip of the iceberg… There are so many intricacies involved in making all abortions illegal. I’ve only given summaries on a few. We could go in-depth to the point of having a never-ending study. My point is not one of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” My goal is to help you gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of the abortion issue. With that, we will all be better educated to strategize against and stop legalized abortion once and for all.

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