Leaders And Rulers In Islam

Leaders And Rulers In Islam
Most of our world leaders have been corrupted by power, greed and money. They work to their own agendas without taking into consideration the needs of the people. It has been that way since history began. Today’s leaders are doing a very poor job. Let us consider what the Quran says about those who God appoints as leaders.

The story of David comes to mind. God tells us in chapter 38 that His servant David was resourceful, obedient to God, wise and logical. Two feuding men startled him by entering his private rooms. They had come to ask for his guidance in a matter of combining their property. After listening to each brother’s account, (the brother with ninety nine sheep wanted a merger with the brother with one sheep, a takeover bid), David said,

"He is being unfair to you by asking to combine your sheep with his. Most people who combine their properties treat each other unfairly, except those who believe and work righteousness, and these are so few.”

After, David wondered if he had made the right judgement and he thought God was testing him. He bowed down before God and repented and implored his Lord to forgive him.

“O David, we have made you a ruler on earth. Therefore, you shall judge among the people equitably, and do not follow your personal opinion, lest it diverts you from the way of God. Surely, those who stray off the way of God incur severe retribution for forgetting the Day of Reckoning.”

It says, judge equitably among the people and do not follow your personal opinions because it will divert you from the path of God. God has warned the leaders. Have they listened? How many leaders ask for God’s guidance before making world shattering decisions? David was more worried about upsetting God and wronging his own soul than trying to make a name for himself out of a deal with two feuding opponents.

Solomon was David’s heir. God put the wind at Solomon’s disposal, and the devils laboured for him. God gave Solomon the understanding of the language of birds and other creatures. Solomon had obedient soldiers of jinns, humans and birds and he showed the Queen of Sheba the glory of God (27: 15-44). God gave Solomon the first oil field (34:12) but one day he became preoccupied with beautiful horses until the night fell, and he forgot to worship God (38:30-40). He had put material things above worshiping His Lord. He called for the horses to bid them goodbye. Solomon gave up his beloved horses to submit totally to God.

David and Solomon were great world leaders who had been given exceptional gifts from God and they did not abuse them. Now, imagine if today’s world leaders had at their command the resources that God gave to Solomon and David. We would have been enslaved, dominated, and killed en masse. Today our world leaders are far more concerned with dominating the world than submitting to God.

People are underpaid, overtaxed, underfed, overfed, undernourished or overpaid. Whichever you are, under or over, the leaders do not care. So long as their pockets are being lined, and their garages are filled with expensive cars for which they can afford the petrol, and their houses are bigger and better than anyone else, and the population keeps playing the game of follow the leader, then the leaders are happy, if you rebel, disagree with them then they will kill you to silence you. Do not disrupt to prove a point.

Leaders should be resourceful, wise, logical, equitable judges who should implore God to guide them on their missions to lead the people through this harsh life. Instead we have men and women who think they know what is best for all of us and are leading us into hell on Earth, but Hell will be far worse than anything we face on Earth and the worst is yet to come.

There are no world leaders or religious leaders of any kind, all are followers, followers of Satan and his world of illusion. If people want to be lead rather than making their own decisions about their lives and faiths, then they deserve the leaders they are given.

There is only one leader to be followed and only one ruler of the universe and that is God.

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