Let's Make it a Successful New Year!

Let's Make it a Successful New Year!
Okay, here we are again - a New Year - 2007 - is there anything NEW about our NEW Year's resolution(s)? Did we accomplish our 'resolves' for last year yet? a show of hands here --- ?? --- I would venture to say 60% of those who made resolutions did not accomplish their goals for last year; therefore, last year's resolutions 'roll over' to become this year's resolutions.

Many of our previous years' resolutions have become stale - really stale; after all, I'm sure you've been dusting them off and 'playing' them again and again each New Year; so, now, it's just plain boring. For some reason, you didn't strive to accomplish them last year - or maybe even the year before - so, what makes you think you are going to try this year? something is all wrong;

Maybe you need to take a hard look at what it is you really want - and focus on that one topic alone. It could be that you are overwhelming yourself with TOO many resolutions - too many ideas in your head that you know realistically would be too much to tackle all at one time.

Every year I am one of those people who promises myself I am going to lose weight. Of course, I never come up with a plan; oh sure, I buy a case or two of Slim Fast along the way, but when they run out, I don't replenish and therefore I don't have any type of backup plan. I start noseying around the refrigerator and picking on foods that I know I should not go near.

I have found, though, that if I make a conscious effort to NOT buy things I know I love (that are fattening, of course) - chocolate, cake, cookies; well, then, if I don't have them in my refrigerator, I can't eat them! and, usually when I want a snack it's later in the evening; chances are that I would be too lazy to make the effort to get in my car, drive to the store just to buy a snack.

Of course, I would have to go to a hypnotist to block out the fact that I have found jumping in the car with my slippers on and driving to McDonald's drive thru window for a hot fudge sundae is not such an onerous task when I'm panting for chocolate. I would have to have that blocked out of my mind completely.

But, being serious again for a moment or two, I had a friend who went to a hypnotist to give up smoking; she left his office and never had a cigarette again. That was about 5 years ago. She never looked back. I think if you want something badly enough, you can and will make it happen. I have experienced this phenomenon quite a few times in my life. I guess you would say it starts with FOCUSING; keep your goal firmly entrenched in your mind. Write it on papers around you. Keep a pictures of yourself when you were thin and a picture of yourself with the extra weight on that you want to take off - on your refrigerator door.

I once bought myself a beautiful pair of designer jeans that were two sizes too small! I hung them up on my door so I could see them every morning when I woke up. I really didn't realize it at the time, but I was psychologically preparing myself for losing weight. I would see those pants every day - and I would visualize myself in them; as the weeks went by, I would slip them on - at first, I only got them as far as the beginning of my hips; but, maybe 14 to 20 days later (still staying on my diet of course) I was able to get them halfway past my hips; soon they were going past my hips smoothly! then one more obstacle - getting them to zipper up completely and push in the button around my waist. At last, I had finally done it! it took me about 3 months - and it was worth it, without a doubt.

I ate a lot of boiled eggs and grapefruits - but I do not recommend that so-called diet. I had read about it in a celebrity gossip magazine. I wound up with a urinary infection from all the acid from the grapefruit. So, I started drinking tons of cranberry juice - eventually I was back to normal with my new designer duds decorating my new form. It was too exciting!

Of course, being in Midlife makes it a little tougher to get that weight to slide off - it doesn't slide anymore; it grunts and groans on its way out. But, if you keep the faith - and stay on course - you will accomplish your goal(s); Just try to take on only one at a time so it doesn't seem like such a daunting task.

Did you know that January 22 is considered the UNhappiest day of the year? Statistically speaking, that is. I would imagine it is because all the excitement of the holidays are gone - the hustle-bustle, the frenetic activity, the shopping, the entertaining, the parties. It makes sense to me. I always felt sad after the holidays as there was nothing to look forward to until Valentine's Day - or Easter.

No matter what day you choose to finally put your plan in motion - you can do it - I know, because I did. All it took was a fancy (and expensive) pair of jeans and the burning desire to lose weight. It can be done - - and you can do it; keep giving yourself that pep talk! If you fall a few times, don't beat yourself up - please! get back in the game...

My thanks to everyone who comes to my site - for your viewership; for all your wonderful emails full of support and compliments. I value your input and feedback. Again, I apologize for not getting some of my articles to you in a timely fashion due to my very close relative who is ill and fighting the good fight with all the energy they can muster. Moral support means a lot to them at this time.

I wish you all a wonderful 2007! Let's get busy!

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