How To Write Your Own Love Poem

How To Write Your Own Love Poem
Many times people think they cannot do something, because the task seems daunting to them when they have no prior experience. Nothing can strike a person numb as fast as trying to put emotions to paper when your heart is calling you to do it. Putting aside all the advice that is online for proficient writers of poetry or other prose, we can clear the landscape here and make a path to your desired end.

First and foremost, you need to establish the goal of your love poem. Are you proposing marriage? Is it your 50th wedding anniversary? Are you in love with someone and can’t figure out how to tell them, or do you simply feel like you need to express your love in a fresh new way? Whatever your situation or desire, taking this simple step first will help to calm your nerves and invigorate your mind.

Second, write out some things you would like to say in everyday ordinary language that you use. Make a few notes or go hog wild and fill reams of paper. At this stage, it really does not matter. The goal here is simple: put your ideas and emotions on paper in your normal speaking language to have a place to start.

Next, organize the feelings, emotions, and ideas you jotted down. You want to group together like ideas or phrases. Then, you want to put each group into its own area. Don’t worry at this point what comes first, second, or last. Simply make some groupings on paper, on a board, or on your computer. Use whatever means is easiest for your to use at this time.

Believe it or not, you are almost there!

Take your organized groupings and rank them in importance. If you want to talk about how you love someone’s eyes and they laugh at your silly jokes, then rank these in order of what you feel is most important to you. Once you have them ranked, you have the basis for your love poem right in front of you. Not too hard right?

Now comes the creative part. Take the first grouping that is most important to you and reword it using feeling words and ideas from your heart. Really stretch yourself here. This is the part that stops most people in their tracks.

Don't stop...

Take a few deep breaths, allow your mind to ponder on this one topic and listen to your heart tell you how to word it better. You can also use a thesaurus, either online or at a library if you don’t own one. You can look up love poems online and read a few to get the idea of how to allow your heart to speak instead of your mind.

Take your time with this. Don’t rush it. Plan to write your love poem ahead of time to give yourself time to generate the best ideas.

Once you have the first grouping rewritten so that it “feels” right when you read it out loud to yourself, then you are ready to tackle the next grouping. You simply take each grouping of words, thoughts, and feelings one at a time. As you get each one onto paper in a way that connects to your heart, you are ready to move on.

Once you have all the groupings rewritten to your satisfaction, read it all aloud and move any parts around that sound like they are out of place. Simply reorganize what you have written into the order that feels best to you. This may sound a bit odd if you have not written a love poem before, however, it truly works no matter how much experience or inexperience you have.

Most of all have fun. Allow your inner child to come out and enjoy the process. The writing of a love poem can be just as much fun as watching your loved one read it for the first time.

Now, go have fun and write that love poem.

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