Make Your Own Pet Foods

Make Your Own Pet Foods
With all the hoopla over contaminated pet foods that arose this last month in the USA and Canada many people have asked me for recipes to make pet food at home. Now we use a local pet food brand called Dad’s Pet Food of Meadville, PA and homemade "wet" food for our many cats. We had originally starting making our own "wet" food as a money saving measure. One local store often sells chicken legs and thighs for as little as 29 cents American a pound. Cheap for people and cheap for cats too!! Its not hard to simply cook up some pet food and chop it in the food processor. However some people think we should "get back to nature" and not even cook the food at all! So I’ll look at several of these approaches.


Simply put cheap cuts of meat like discount chicken pieces, beef heart, liver, or chicken giblets in a crock pot. Let cook over night with a few carrots. The next day pick the meat off the bones, and run the broth veggies and meat through the food processor or grinder. Place in recycled plastic containers and freeze. Thaw over night and serve the next day. Some other people use a standard cat food can as a measure and put a can sized glop of food in a bread bag. Then they tie it off and place another, and tie it etc., until the bag has several days worth of pet food stored in it. The the bag is frozen and a section at a time cut off and thawed for a pet’s meal. Supplement this with the occasional egg, pet vitamins and table scraps and your pet should be pretty well fed. This is similar to the feeding methods pets had for all those years before canned a and dried food existed.

Here’s as site which lists describes their feeding program.
Pet Medicine
Pet Medicine Chest


There are several popular sites which list the use of raw foods as more natural. These pet owners do not cook the pet food but give raw meat and bones to their pets to mimic the "natural " diet. It is a rather involved process, so I recommend that you read these sites listed below. I have several friends who feed this way very successfully, but my cats like their food cooked. So it all depends on your pet.

Raw Food Recipes:
Raw Food Method

More Raw Food Information Sites:
More Raw Diet information sites


And finally – You can make your own pet treats. Here are some sites that give recipes for treats:

Novelty Pet Food Recipes:
Novelty Pet Foods

Pet Goodies:
Pet Goodies and Recipes

To Check if You may Have purchased any contaminated pet food go to this link:
Menu Foods Recall Site:
Menu Foods pet Food Recall Site

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