24 CTU Undercover Game

24 CTU Undercover Game
Ages 12 and up

Players 2 to 4

Playing Time 30 minutes

24 CTU Box Art24 CTU: Undercover offers a way to enjoy the intensity of the TV show 24 any day or hour of the week. Guess the identity of other players to win this game that is all about not blowing your cover.

The game consists of the playing clock, a board with spaces marking off 24 hours, 24 CTU cards, action spinner, hour markers, 4 PDAs, and accessories. To begin play, shuffle the 24 CTU cards that consist of character, location, and technology cards. Place one card on each hour of the clock playing mat. Select one green, black, and gray card to make up your hand.

24 CTU Playing PiecesEach player receives a PDA tracker sheet and places it in their PDA. This will help them keep track of what they know about other players and the playing field. When you spy on a card on the game field, make note of the hour on the tracker sheet. You also have a column for general notes you wish to jot down. Keep all information on your PDA private. Cross off the CTU cards that you have on your PDA tracker sheet in the notes column. The hour marker can be placed on any hour on the board that isn't occupied by a card.

The player closest to 24 or a multiple of 24 goes first. Spin the action spinner and move the hour marker that many spaces. Then do whichever action the spinner landed on. The choices are: spy, expose, switch, call cell, and interrogate. All of these actions except interrogate will give you access to where certain CTU cards are located. The interrogate action lets you guess a player's hand without penalty.

At the end of your turn you can make an accusation using your notes although you don't have to. If you haven't gathered enough information to guess a player's three cards then you do not have to accuse anyone. If your accusation is wrong then you must show one of your CTU cards to all players. An accusation may go something like this, "You are Jack Bauer aboard Air Force One using a GPS device to thwart the terrorists."

One player wins the game when they have correctly identified another player's cards. 24 CTU:Undercover is like Clue in that you are guessing the identity of another player by the process of elimination. Fans of 24 can enjoy their favorite characters with this board game.

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