Real Women – Lipstick Lesbians

Real Women – Lipstick Lesbians

What is it about Lipstick Lesbians that raises so many eyebrows? Is it their looks? Is it their attitude? Is it the fact that straight men just cannot see a beautiful woman as a lesbian? Let's look at a little more.

Lipstick lesbians break all the molds. They care about their looks. They like form fitting clothing. They like to put on makeup and show off what they were blessed with. They aren't afraid to break all the rules and just be themselves. But, isn't that the case for all gay people who are out, fag, femme, Dyke, or butch?

Lipstick lesbians are a breed among themselves. They don't fit into the stereotypical Dyke mold. They don't wear the Birkenstock, khaki shorts, flannel shirts, forget to wear deodorant, don't know what it means to shower, and be mistaken for men. But is that a real interpretation of what it means to be a lesbian? Certainly not. There are tomboyish lipstick lesbians. There are power lipsticks. There are lipstick lesbians in all forms and sizes.

In the gay scene, we don't think of the lipstick lesbian. They say that a lipstick lesbian has it easier than a Dyke. On the other hand, Cosmo dyke's, also known as lipstick lesbians, tend not to get hit on in everyday life by other lesbians because they “blend” into the hetero world instead of standing out like the butch Dyke lesbian.

The lesbian scene is as diverse as any other “gay” scene. You have your ups, your downs, and everything else in between. There are the two week relationships, the two years, two decades, and two minute relationships just like the rest of the world, gay or straight.

So why are lipstick lesbians so misunderstood? From the conversations with the many lipsticks I have as friends, I can tell you it is because they are so misunderstood. People just see the beauty and forget that there is more to the package than just looks. They forget that just because a lesbian likes makeup, clothes, shoes, and shopping does not mean she doesn't like to have a lasting and quality relationship with another woman. Straight men think of their “lesbian” fantasy as two lipsticks getting it on with or without them. They are so misunderstood and mistreated.

It's about time that the gay community as well as the hetero community welcome all “alternatives” to people. Welcome the femme Dyke, butch fag, power couples, and the misunderstood bisexual. Get to know people for who they are and not the label they represent. We need to break down the barriers between the gay community. We need to move beyond the “oh he's a femme, she's a butch, there's a granola, and here's a queen” attitude we are known for. We need to embrace the fact that while we have separate communities, there is more in common with us than the differences that we allow to separate us.

We all have brains. We all have hearts. We all have emotions. We all bleed the same color of blood, I hope! Now is the time that we realize that love has no sex, no color, or no reason. Love is love, no matter what form it comes in or what cosmetics line she wears.

Jase ;0)

Jason P. Ruel
BellaOnline's Gay Lesbian Editor

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