Biography’s for June 15 - 30

Biography’s for June 15 - 30
Well it is time for the next installment of Biography on the Biography Channel for the last of June. A & E is back on showing Biography so there are alot of the rich and famous to view.

20 on 20
Biography turns 20 with a look at 20 celebrities.

The Apostles
A look at the men chosen to teach the word of God, through Jesus Christ teachings. Andrew. Bartholomew, James (1 & 2), John, Judas, Matthew, Mathias, Peter, Phillip, Simon, Thaddaeus, & Thomas. Learn more about the Apostles and their histories. (Biography)

Matthew Broderick
He made it on the big screen with the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and went on to win two Tony Awards. He has starred in both the Hollywood and screen verison of The Producers. He is also know for being the husband of Sara Jessica Parker, star the past hit series Sex in the City.(Biography)

Sandra Bullock
A List actress with a down home charm. She is know for her hits such as: Speed and Miss Congeniality. She is married to Jessie James of West Coast Chopper fame. (Biography)

Diahann Carroll
She is known for being the first African American to have her own TV series Julia. She has had hit movies like Carmen and Claudine. She has also been in hit Broadway plays such as No Strings. Interviews with: Bobby Short, James Earl Jones, Joan Collins, Maya Angelo, Paul Winfield, and others. (Biography)

Russel Crowe
Australian actor who took the hit the American big screen in L.A. Confidential then really made it big in Gladiator. Also known for his outburst and tabloid headlines. (Biogaphy)

Jeffery Dahlmar
Serial killer of at least 15 (confessed to 17) and cannibal of his victims, who ended up being killed in prison. Interviews with: Dahmer's stepmother, high-school friends, prosecutor E. Michael McCann, and defense attorney Gerald Boyle. (Biography)

Michael J. Fox
He starred in the hit TV series Family Ties (marrying co-star Tracy Pollan)and in the classic trilogy Back to the Future. At the age of 30 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has pushed for research, with caused some protests. (Biography)

Whoopi Goldberg
Comedian & actress who took the world by storm with the hit movies Ghost & Color Purple. Her language and political views can cause protests. Interviews with: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Patrick Swayze,, and daughter Alexandra Martin. (Biography)

Happy Days
The show about the 1950s that brought us a more grown up Ron Howard and Henry Winkler as the “The Fonz” with other stars such as: Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Erin Moran, Anson Williams, Don Most, and Scott Baio. (A & E)

Hulk Hogan
Best known for Hulkamania, his wrestling fame, acting and reality TV. (A&E)

Ron Howard
From his role in Andy Griffith Show, Twilight Zone and Happy Days as a child and teenager to his acclaim as a major director, take a look at one of America’s favorite child stars and director. Interviews with Don Knotts, Andy Griffith, Henry Winkler, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. (A&E)

Bernie Mac
A rise from poverty comedian who made it with his hit TV series The Bernie Mac Show. Clips from his career and his HBO series Midnight Mac and his TV Series. (A&E)

Paul Newman
Star of live TV, Broadway and film. Also know for his philanthropist and for his line of health foods. (A & E)

Kurt Russell
From the early Disney movies thorough his dreams of a baseball career follow this actor through is movie career and hit movies such as Silkwood and Escape From New York, to the meeting of the love of his life Goldie Hawn and to his return to Disney.(A & E)

Tom Selleck
Star of the hit series Magnum P.I. , who started as a model and starred in The Dating Game . He has starred in hit movies such as “Three Men and a Baby” turned down the role for “Indiana Jones” and had several re-occurring roles in hit series such as “Friends” , “Boston Legal”, “Rockford Files” and ”Simon and Simon”. (A & E )

Elizabeth Taylor
This two hour Biography looks at the classic lady with the violet eyes from her earliest acting roles, through her 8 marriages a couple of to actor Richard Burton, through her additions, brain surgery, and her campaign against AIDS.(Biography)

Marlo Thomas
Daughter of Danny Thomas, she has been and actress, producer, & feminist. She also starred in That Girl, and is married to talk show host Phil Donahue. (Biography)

Robin Williams
Comedian, who rose from his guest character as an alien on Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley to his own show Mork and Mindy . Known for his standup routines and improvisation. To his classic portrayal of Popeye to Peter Pan in Hook. Robin can do dramatic roles such as Good Will Hunting and Good Morning Vietnam, fantasy characters both animated such as Aladdin and Robots and acting; and of course comedies such as his latest RV. Robin Williams is as diverse as the voices in his head and the characters he becomes. Learn more about him on Biography. (Biography )

Henry Winkler
From his first role in “Another World”he appeared in lots of TV shows as a bit player. About the time he was ready to give up he landed the role as Fonzy the leather jacket clad ladies man in classic TV show Happy Days. He has produced and directed hit in more than 35 movies, starred in recently in “Click” , learn about the man behind The Fonz. (A & E)

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