Rated NFC - Not For Children

Rated NFC - Not For Children
Rated NFC – Not For Children

How old should your child be in order to watch professional wrestling, attend live events or even play wrestling video games?

I am appalled at some of the things I see in professional wrestling and even more appalled at the young children who are at the live wrestling events witnessing this stuff.
The matches are getting more dangerous and bloodier than they have years ago and the women used to wrestle. Mildred Burke, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Medusa Micelli just to name a few, all used to wrestle and they wrestled well. They brought prestige to the Women’s wrestling division and when they were on a card; you knew that you were going to see some fine wrestling action.

Today, the women are all models and pose for Men’s’ magazines and come to the ring wearing dental floss for wrestling gear and there are impressionable young children, boys and girls sitting in the arenas and in their living rooms watching this stuff. These are the people they are going to aspire to be.

One time during a pay-per-view card, a “wrestling diva” came out to the ring completely bare breasted except for two “bunnies” strategically “painted” on them. Paint was the only thing that she wore. She was promoting a photo spread in a popular men’s magazine and it was deplorable. Young children were sitting at ringside with their “cheering” parents.

There was one night during a live television event that one wrestler announced that he was going to have sex in the middle of the ring with his girlfriend. Later on that night a bed was set up in the ring and the two of them came down to the ring holding hands and kissing. They climbed into the bed, got under the covers and began to take their clothes off. Finally, another wrestler came running down to the ring. He was in a feud with the wrestler in the bed. He chased them out and the two people in the bed; ran to the back in their undergarments.

I was sitting here watching this nonsense and was embarrassed and I am an adult. How do the parents who are at the cards explain stuff like this to their children who are sitting there watching it with them? How does a father explain to their daughters that they shouldn’t aspire to be like the girls in wrestling when they see their fathers cheering, hooting and hollering at these scantily clad girls?

What about the violence and the blood? I have seen many times when a wrestler has been beaten and bloodied and left laying in the ring and the cameras scan the crowd and focus on young children who are crying because they think their hero is really hurt and unconscious and probably near death.

Even the video games of wrestling have an option where you can turn blood on or off and if it is on, then when you hit him with an assortment of weapons that are available, you can bloody your wrestler. Thankfully, this option is automatically off when you wrestle the women wrestlers in these games but you can have what they call a “bra and panties” match and to win this match, you have to rip the clothes off of your opponent.

Parents used to be up in arms about the way a certain doll looks, why aren’t they up in arms about the nonsense going on in wrestling today? Please do not take your pre-teen child to wrestling events or even watch it on television. Wrestling shows should be rated “NFC”.

Not For Children.

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