Soap Making Classes in the USA and Abroad

Soap Making Classes in the USA and Abroad
Have you ever wanted to take a soap making class with other like minded individuals? Well, now you can. Though there are so many resources available online to learn just about anything handmade, yet it is always more rewarding and visually stimulating to be in a class with other folks and to have a teacher to guide you in proper technique and answer your questions. It was difficult finding actual bricks and mortar classes; they are spread out all over the United States and many of them do not have websites. In addition to classes offered in the USA, I found a couple of gems listed that are in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Still, I'm on the hunt for many more. So if you teach a soap making class and would like your class listed, send me an email and I will happily add you to this list. International soap making classes are also welcome since our users come from all over the globe; from far flung regions like Saudi Arabia and Iceland to more familiar places such as the Bahamas and Canada.

Please note: Class descriptions are taken from the various soap making classes and as such all content contained within the class descriptions are copyrighted to each class owner. In an effort to keep this list updated, it is important that class owners email me so I can update the listing

COMPANY: Robyn's Soap House
WEBSITE: Robyn's Soap House Click on classes Link
LOCATION: Melbourne,Victoria, Australia

Soapmaking Classes in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at Robyn's Soap House
Private classes are held at a time when we would normally be making soap, which is usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The weekends are taken up selling our soaps at markets around Melbourne.

The class runs for 2-3 hours. We firstly discuss the overall concept of soapmaking and discuss all the safety issues. You then observe how we make a large batch of soap after which you make a small batch on your own with our guidance. You get to keep the soap you make and we give you very comprehensive notes covering everything you have learned in class.

After you have completed the class with us you are most welcome to phone or email us if you have further queries when you start making batches of soap on your own at home.

Explore the art and science of making goat's milk soap at beautiful Circle Pines Center.

January 22 ~ 24 (2010)
Local dairy goat guru Marge Perrin will teach cold-process soapmaking using skills developed over 30 years of homesteading and goat keeping.
*includes 2 lunches)
*Overnight $115 (includes lodging and 4 meals)
*Full Weekend $155 (includes lodging and 5 meals)

The full weekend package includes delicious, family-style meals, lodging, soapmaking materials and small-group instruction, lakeside sauna, access to miles of x-country ski trails and other activities. Participants will take home several soap samples and also will learn how to make another goat's milk product on Sunday (e.g., cheese, fudge or lotion).
Circle Pines Center is a recreational and educational cooperative founded in 1938. Our mission is to teach peace, social justice, environmental stewardship and cooperation as a way of life. The center is located on nearly 300 acres of rolling hills in southwest Michigan.

Company: Opalz Zoap
Website: Opalzoap
Location: 719 Colorado Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94303
Telephone: (650) 322-6500

Located in Midtown Palo Alto, Opal�z has created a unique and special experience in a neighborhood shop � the art and craft of soap making! We have a drop-in-and-make-your-own soap bar, and classes in different cold processes soap making, lotion crafting, lip balms, and much more. One of our most popular features is soap making parties for all ages. We have birthday parties, singles soap making parties, networking parties and family parties.

We carry handcrafted soaps, lotions, body care and a full line of color and mineral make-up. We also display hand-made jewelry and other crafts from local artisans.

Opalz owner, Annie Jenkins, has been a successful film and television make-up artist since 1979. She has worked with both celebrities and �real people�, doing everything from from specialized character make-up to, most often creating beautiful natural looks. We offer make-up classes to get the best out of what you already own and show you new skin care and make-up products to enhance your make-up routine. Gather a group of friends, bring some refreshments, and schedule a make-up party!

Company: Joan Morais ~ Natural Body Care
Website: Joan Morais
Location: Fairfield, CA, Telephone (707) 426-9480

Cold Process Soap is the traditional way that soap has been made for many years. Soap is fun and easy to make, especially after taking a class that shows you how. More and more people are going back to using handmade bars of soap. They are mild and moisturizing to the skin and very little packaging (if any) is used and this makes soap even more eco-friendly.
This class teaches the basics of soap making with a simple recipe and demonstrates how to make an All-Natural Herbal Soap. Everything you need to learn to get you started to make your own soaps.

To register: call 707 426-9480 or sign up on website

Company: Soapmaking Made Simple - San Mateo Community College District
Website: Homemade Bath products
Location: 1700 West Hillsdale Blvd., Classroom: Bldg. 4, Rm. 150
San Mateo, CA 94402

Have you always wanted to learn how to make soap? Do you like the fun designs you see in the stores? Melt & Pour Soup Making, a.k.a. Soap Crafting, is an easy and creative way to make your own soaps. Soaps are great to give as gifts or party favors, or to sell at your next fundraiser. *Students should bring a 2-cup measuring cup and dish towel to class. Please bring a bag lunch or snack if you wish. A $20 materials fee will be collected in class.

Company: The Nova Studio
Website: The Nova Studio
Location: 24 West Richmond Avenue, Point Richmond, CA 94801
Telephone: (510) 234-5700(studio) or (510) 710-0914

Class taught by Lori Nova. Lori, owner of The Nova Studio, began making natural bath & body products in her kitchen in 2000 as a way to make family & friends homemade, practical gifts. Shortly thereafter, she began sharing her passion by teaching classes. Lori has taught classes for The University of Hawaii Manoa, Foothill De Anza Community College in Cupertino, The Learning Annex of San Francisco, Juniper Tree Soap and Candle Supply, The Native American Cultural Center & The Berkeley Ecology Center.

Covered in the class is a brief history and basic chemistry of soap making, and -
* Necessary materials, supplies and equipment
* Safety considerations when working with sodium hydroxide
* Choosing oils, saponification values and lye calculators
* Taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures
* Coloring soap naturally with herbs, spices & clays
* Using pure essential oils to scent your soap naturally
* Preparing your molds and molding options
* Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap
* Decorating and packaging to impress

Company: The Sleepy Moon Soapmakers classes given at Swift Waters Artisan's Cooperative
Website:Sleepy Moon Soaps
Location: Willimantic, CT

Our intensive, hands-on classes cover aspects of soapmaking including:
*Ingredients and sources
*Finishing, and
*Design techniques

The Sleepy Moon soapmakers will help you create cold-process soap using ingredients selected for their beneficial skin-care and aromatherapy properties. You'll take home over 1 pound of soap! All ingredients are provided.

Classes include:

"Beginner's Cold-Process Soap Making" where participants learn how to make handmade, cold-process soaps using pure vegetable oils, botanical infusions, nutrients, herbs, spices & pure essential oils and "Making Milk Soaps" a class focusing on the use of dairy milks such as buttermilk and goat's milk, and veggie milks like almond and rice milk to create creamy, rich, natural soaps.

Company: Back Porch Soap Co
Website: Back Porch Soap Co
Location: (Mailing Address) P.O. Box 1408 Duxbury, MA 02331
Contact: Marla Bosworth, (781)934-8100

Totally Green Organic Body Care
It's January...and it's time to get out of the house to do something fun! Grab a friend, drive 30 minutes south of Boston to Back Porch Soap Co., and learn how to create natural and organic bodycare products. You'll make and take home 12 products! These make terrific gifts or keep them for yourself (we won't tell!). Each student will learn to make and take: two exfoliating sugar body scrubs, two luxurious and moisturizing body balms, four bars of soap, and four sea salt bath soaks.

Classes are held throughout the year. Please check website for times
Course: $65 Materials Fee: $30

Glycerin Soapmaking
Come join in the fun as we make an array of beautiful glycerin soaps! This small, personalized class covers the essentials of glycerin soapmaking. Lots of hands-on learning. Each student will learn how to make their own, personalized four batches, which yield at least 16 bars of soap! Your creations will make wonderful gifts!

Course: $65 & Materials Fee: $20

Soapmaking Bootcamp
If you're looking for a day of fun, then join us for an all-day soap bootcamp! Bring your suitcase, because you will go home with loads of soap. We will cover basic and novice soapmaking. Students have full use of our wide range of soap molds, colors and fragrances. This is the perfect class to make special occasion soaps (weddings, showers, birthdays, special events, etc.) or to stock up on gifts for the upcoming holidays. I'll be assisting and guiding you the entire day. Class includes a light lunch and refreshments. Come well-rested and ready to soap it up!

Course: $250 + $75 materials fee

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Company: Creation Herb Farm
Website: Creation Herbal Soap Making Class
Location: Betsy River Farm, Michigan
Telephone: (231) 352-9600 OR (800) 766-2489

3 hour soap making class covering cold-process, melt & pour soap, hand-milled or re-batching techniques, tips, and related processes. Also exposing students to miscellaneous start up information for a home based soap business. This includes needed or suggested equipment, a discussion of simple packaging options and how to create and print unique labels from a home computer. Also discussed is a summary of selling and marketing options including craft shows, home parties, wholesale to stores, etc.

Company: North House Folk School
Website: North House Folk School Website
Location: Grand Marais, Minnesota
Telephone: 218/387-9762

Soapmaking - The Old-fashioned Way
Upcoming classes: April 25, 2010 from 9-1pm, July 10, 2010 and July 11, 2010 9a.m - 1 p.m.
Location: North House Folk School, Grand Marais, Minnesota
Cost: 55$
Soap - so simple, yet so misunderstood. Have you ever pondered the ingredients in a typical bar of soap? Petroleum distillates, sulfates, and many other unpronounceable additives. What ever happened to the good ol'soap that grandma used to make. During this hands-on class, you'll use the same ingredients that grandma used, animal fats and lye. Learn to make gentle, natural soaps, and explore the history and science of this cleanser. You'll leave with many bars of soap, and the information/resources to continue making soap at home.

Contact North House Folk School for more information. 218/387-9762 or
North House Folk School

Company: Good Karma Soaps
Website: Good Karma Soaps
Location: 7208 Lake Wheeler Road Raleigh, NC 27602
Contact: Blaire Borthayre (919) 801-1468

Melt & Pour Soapmaking
Why continue throwing money away on store bought soaps filled with alcohol, Petroleum and Preservatives? These ingredients cause dry skin, allergic reactions and exacerbate skin conditions. You can make your own soap for as little as fifty cents a bar. Goats milk soap has a pH level similar to human skin so it protects the skin from daily bacterial and chemical invasions. It also has natural crèmes so has intense moisturizing benefits. It even benefits acne prone skin because the proteins in milk kill acne-causing bacteria. The alpha hydroxy acids slough off dead skin so it's great for exfoliation. People with Eczema get relief from Goats Milk Soap because the natural nutrients in goat milk moisturizes and reduces itchiness in the skin.
In this class you will choose from a variety of essential oils, molds and botanicals to make and take home three soaps. Course fee includes two E-books on making soap and marketing soap.

Classes are held throughout the year. Please check website for dates & times

Course fee: $60 (includes all supplies & materials
Time: 2.5 hours
Next Course Dates: June 26, July 6, July 9 2010

Make Your Own Silicone Soap Molds
Silicone molds are the best quality-Durable, long lasting, good stretch and easy release. This is why Silicone molds are more expensive than others. But if you want to make a custom mold, prices start at $500 and increase considerably for contour or detail! You will find kits for mold making on the internet. Many of these kits use a cheaper putty that tears easily. Others don't include thinner, accelerators or explain the difference between Tin & Platinum Silicone so you end up with the wrong type for your needs. Through trial and error, I have also found that those kit instructions leave out some tips and tricks to make better molds without bubbles and other mishaps. So why not make your own custom soap molds? You can make a quality Silicone mold for around $2 and wait only four hours for it to cure!

Classes are held throughout the year. Please check website for dates & times
Next Course Date: June 23rd 2010
Time: 2.5 hours
Course Fee $99 (includes all supplies & materials)

Company: The Herbal Bear - School of Botanical Medicine
Website: The Herbal Bear
Location:Classes are held at three locations -252 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor,NY 10001; New York Botanical Garden, 200th St. & Kazimiroff Blvd, Bronx, NY and Grand Gorge, located in the Northern Catskill Mountains of New York State. It is 160 miles Northwest of New York City and 60 miles Southwest of Albany, NY

Contact: 212-532-9322

Study basic techniques for making vegetable based soaps that heal and beautify the skin. This is a hands-on class where each student will actually prepare and make their own batch of soap in class. All aspects of soap making including: oil selection, scenting, coloring, super fatting and trouble shooting will be discussed. Student's will be using the "Cold Process" method of soap making - the use of Sodium hydroxide (Lye) is employed in this process. All students must wear safety equipment during this class. Class size is limited, please register early. Each student must bring their own apron, rubber dishwashing gloves and a pair of safety glasses to the class.

Company: Center for Essential Education, School of Homesteading
Website: Center For Essential Education, School of Homesteading
Location: Elm Mott, Texas

Our hands-on workshop covers each step of traditional soap making using the hot, cooked method, beginning with rendering beef fat into fresh, pure tallow and then mixing, cooking and scenting a batch of natural glycerin soap. We also make two different batches of cold process soap�a goat�s milk recipe and an all-vegetable-oil soap�and we teach you how to add other natural ingredients such as oatmeal and herbs to your basic soap recipes.

Company: Finchberry's Soapmaking Class
Website: Finchberry Soamaking Class
Price: $65 + $20 materials fee

Learn how to make beautiful, natural soap from scratch using items that can be found in your own kitchen! This is not a typical demonstration-style class. You will actually make your very own individual batch of cold-process soap in class!

Learn about the best oils and fragrances to use in your soap, as well as the exfoliants, colorings and additives that will make your soaps truly unique! Get hands-on experience with the entire soap creation process, from the safe handling of lye to the molding and curing of your new soaps. Hear how you can avoid making common mistakes and learn special superfatting and mixing techniques from FinchBerry's owner, Ashley Robertson! You'll receive a packet containing some of FinchBerry's own soap recipes, a reusable soap mold, safety equipment, troubleshooting information and a list of soap material suppliers.

Best of all, every participant in FinchBerry's Beginner Soap-Making class goes home with 8 bars (a batch) of soap that they created themselves during the class! That's $45 worth of natural, usable soap!

Company: Pine Meadows Soapmaking Supplies & Candle making Supplies
Website: Pine Meadows Soapmaking Class
Location: 860 N 1430 Orem, Utah 84057
Telephone: (801) 221-0483

Once your skin experiences the luxury soft emollient properties that cold process soap offers it will never go back to those nasty detergent store bar soaps again! This class includes all of your safety equipment, 2 lbs of luxury soap, re-usable soap molds,1 lb of melt & pour soap base, a soapmaking packet and lots of knowledge from an awesome experienced soapmaking instructor. So bring a pencil and your apron and take good notes.

Company: The Soap Fairy, Washington, DC
Website: The Soap Fairy
Location: Classes are held at First Class Inc. located at 1726 20th Street NW Washington, DC 20009
Telephone: (202) 797-5102

Beginning Soap Making Learn to make soap from scratch. This course will include all the basics, including mixing colors, blending scents, saftey precautions, addition of herbs and grains and time for Q&A. Bring safety goggles if you have them and wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

In addition to beginning soapmaking classes, The Soap Fairy also has classes in advanced soapmaking techniques.

Company: Bramble Berry - Soapmaking Classes
Website: Otion Soap
Location: Bellingham, Washington.

Otion brings an innovative new twist to the craft of soap making. At Otion you can try out new ideas, refine your soaping techniques, ask questions or share soap making tips. We host soap making parties and offer soap making classes taught by expert soaping artists, passionate about their craft. For those new to this wonderful hobby, try a unique pay-by-the-hour soap making experience at The Soap Bar.

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