Motrin Babywearing Ad a Success?

Motrin Babywearing Ad a Success?
The Motrin babywearing ad (see the link below) is at best a misguided attempt to make babywearing moms feel like Motrin is on their side. Clearly, someone thought this ad was going to make a whole lot of moms think "Wow, Motrin feels my pain. I must buy more Motrin."

While I never, ever spend the big bucks on a name brand pain medication when a perfectly good generic is available, I would be boycotting Motrin on principle for this stupid ad. Not so much that I think this ad is really going to change the way any AP moms and dad feel about babywearing, but I hate being pandered to.

On the other hand, I can see where this ad could do a lot of damage among those who are not sure they want to be readily available for their babies all the time. I think this ad could be damamging for parents who are not sure of their role as parents. Those parents who are confused about how much they should sacrifice for their babies- or whether parenthood requires any sacrifice at all! To these parents, when Motrin says, "babywearing makes you a martyr" they have an excuse to put their babies down and walk away.

The bad part, for all of us, is that these kind of messages do have a way of working themselves into our psyche. This is why so many parents think a baby car seat is an acceptable place to store your baby rather than a safe place to ride in the car. Worse, the very fact that the ad has us all talking and forwarding it around the internet means that Motrin will make money off the ad. Sure, they pulled it down off their site, but they are getting free replays all over the place - my sites included.

Note to Motrin ad execs (who apparently either don't have kids or who don't spend time with those kids), babywearing is not painful when it is properly done. If it hurts, you need a new carrier or help adjusting the one you have. Toss the ritzy carrier that does not work and get something simple and elegant, like a Moby Wrap. Heck, get two Moby Wraps, they are inexpensive, high quality, and easy to use. Best of all, they distribute weight well so you don't need Motrin. Hmm, maybe I need to send them a Moby Wrap....

To see the Motrin babywearing ad click here.

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