Rosanna Cabot rocks!

Rosanna Cabot rocks!

Rosanna is awake and ready for some answers. Paul Ryan went to visit her at the clinic in Switzerland where she lay in a coma for the past two years. Having recently awakened, Rosanna is looking for explanations. Paul, who vehemently hates Craig, gladly fills her in.

I think the biggest shock to Rosanna is the fact that Paul and Meg were a serious couple. Paul explained to Rosanna about the complexities of his relationship with Meg. After a near fatal accident involving Craig, Paul explained that Meg and the rest of the world presumed Paul was dead. Paul is bitter and angry towards Meg for turning to Craig during this ordeal. Paul stated that because of Meg's betrayal, their relationship was over.

After Paul fills Rosanna in on the last two years of her life, she gets down to business. Her first order of business is to take back her life. She urges Paul to take her back to Oakdale so she can visit her very estranged husband, Craig Montgomery. For the last two years, Craig has used Rosanna's money, power, and assets for his own benefit.

The reaction was one of pure shock when Rosanna arrives in Oakdale. Craig couldn't believe his eyes. Instead of acting like his normal wicked self, Craig turned into a loving, nurturing husband (purely for Rosanna's benefit). After receiving an earful from Craig's number one enemy,Paul, Rosannna was not buying it. She immediately told Craig that his days of taking advantage of her money and prestige were over. Craig didn't seem to be shaken by her threats. Actions have a tendency of speaking louder than words.

Rosanna and Paul later showed up at Fairwinds (Rosanna’s mansion), where Craig was living with his current wife, Meg. Rosanna informed them to pack their bags. She made it clear that she was taking her house back. She also alerted them not to use any of her money because she had cut Craig completely off. During the altercation, it was clear to Rosanna that
Paul and Meg had some unresolved feelings.

After the altercation with Craig, Rosanna had a serious talk with Paul. She told Paul that she wanted a future with him and hoped that he felt the same way. He expressed that he did, and that his days of caring and loving for Meg is over.

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