Jack and Carly or Jack and Katie?

Jack and Carly or Jack and Katie?
Carly or Katie? What is a guy to do? Jack really isn't a complicated man. He grew up on the farm with honest beginnings. He comes from a hard working and traditional family of farmers. He has had other relationships and affairs in the past, but nothing compares to the current triangle that he is intertwined in.

Let's look at the woman that has truly captured Jack's heart – Carly Tenney. Carly is a complex character with humble beginnings as well. She began as the jealous sister of Rosanna, who was ready to bring her sister down. Carly married Dr. Dixon just to get $50 million dollars. After a very brief marriage, she divorced him. Carly switched the paternity results to make it seem like the baby wasn't Hal's. It turned out to be Hal's baby and Carly eventually married Hal. Carly is scheming and manipulative, yet loving and motherly. She is Jack's real soul mate. Jack and Carly have a long history of breaking up and patching up despite their odds. In fact, one of the most memorable moments on ATWT was when Parker thought Jack was still alive, and Carly was reunited with Jack. But the reunion only lasted a few years. Needless to say, Carly has done some questionable things in her past, which leads you to wonder if Jack will be better off with her.

Now, let's look at the lady who is just too "perfect": Katie Peretti. I never pictured that Jack and Katie could be together. At one point in time, Katie and Simon were inseparable, but eventually, he let her down, and as a result, she became involved with Mike Kasnoff. But after a while, she left Mike and returned to Simon. Then, that didn't pan out so she came back to Oakdale to win Mike back, who was with Jennifer Munson at the time. Even though Katie kept her distance from Mike, it was obvious that he still wanted a relationship with her. Mike ended up going back to Katie, and eventually marrying her. But guess what? Katie had an affair with Simon! Following the history of Katie Peretti is like watching a ping-pong tournament!

Well, now this brings us to the present day. I have been torn on whether Jack should stay with Katie or go back to the woman he has been in love with for many years. When Katie and Jack first discussed being together, I was shocked. I couldn't really picture the two of them together. Jack and Katie have dated and married so many other characters that the possibility of them ever having a relationship never crossed my mind. Now that Jack has expressed that he does not want to have any more children, Jack and Katie's future maybe in jeopardy.

Now, Jack has a decision to make - does he choose the woman who can give him a fresh start or someone that he can't seem to live without?

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