Hating Professional Wrestling

Hating Professional Wrestling
There is a stigma that is attached to all of professional wrestling, and, especially with the major companies who provide us with a unique brand of what they call “entertainment”. I quoted the word entertainment because companies like World Wrestling Entertainment refer to their wrestlers as superstars, talent, entertainers, or anything but “wrestler” and do refer to their product as an entertainment venue.
We all know that professional wrestling is considered to be a fake sport and the naysayers keep telling us, the wrestling fans, that “professional wrestling is fake”, or “why don’t you watch a real sport like boxing?”, or this one, and this one is my personal favorite, “if you can’t bet on it, it’s not a real sport!” It’s really not a sport if you cannot bet on it? That’s your logic? First of all, sports’ betting is still illegal in most states in North America and in my own personal opinion, "the fix has been in" on other sports to include, but not limit to, professional baseball and professional boxing. This isn't true? It has to be, I know I read something about these things on the internet. Isn't everything that you read on the internet true?

The WWE is easily one of the largest entertainment companies in the world and is probably the most easily recognized global brand for entertainment. While their wrestling matches are scripted and choreographed, the WWE attempts to put out a product to us, the consumer, which happens to be an entertainment product. Their matches and feuds are carefully plotted storylines filled with action, drama, and it takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. We laugh, we cheer, we hate, and we feel sadness and sometimes even remorse. We feel happy and we even feel drained.

We have all of these emotions and feelings for professional wrestling so is there nothing else that makes us feel this way? Oh wait, there is. It is called the movies and television programming. We know there are actors and actresses who are performing these roles for us for our entertainment. We know that a police officer being killed or wounded on a television show or a movie does not mean that the actor portraying this officer is killed or wounded in real life. It is a fake scene. It is scripted. This scene takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride that we won’t soon forget. Hey, wait. That is exactly what I said about professional wrestling. Well, imagine that.

Did you cry when Rocky won the belt in the movie Rocky II? Were you mad when you saw the series ending show of the The Sopranos? Were you trying to figure out Who shot JR? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you too can be a fan of professional wrestling. I know it’s a scripted show and I know that the wrestlers are all friends with each other, for the most part, but I don’t think about any of this when I watch professional wrestling on television or in a live venue. Like a television show or a movie, I get caught up in the entertainment aspect of it. I get caught up in storylines and watch it just as intently as an exciting movie or television show.

All I am asking is that you give it a fair shake and watch a couple of weekly episodic shows that are on our televisions and please don’t hate the companies like the WWE because you hear bad things that go on behind the scenes of the companies.

People shouldn’t give so much stock to what they hear or read about the things that is believed to be going on, behind the scenes of professional wrestling, by all of the so-called ”experts” out there. There are too many rumors and twisted tales, most of which are folklore and urban legend, circulating non-stop on the internet. Don’t buy into the drivel. Enjoy professional wrestling for what it is now; an entertainment company that strives to try and provide us with the best entertainment product available. Think about that when you start hating professional wrestling.

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