Bellaonline CBS Soap Update

Bellaonline CBS Soap Update
The Young & the Restless

Victor & Nikki are filing for divorce.
Brad leaked information to the newspapers about Sharon and Nick sharing a kiss.
JT and Paul are investigating David Chow’s involvement with Clearsprings.
Gloria is determined to find out if Jeffrey knows that she is responsible for the tainted cream.
Phyllis’s appeal is denied. Phyllis is now asking for another lawyer.
Maggie urges Paul to disclose to Heather that he is her biological father.
Heather is close to finding out about Adrian’s past.
Nikki, Nick, Jack and Michael band together in efforts to get Phyllis released.

Next Week:
Cain & Heather get friendly, and Maggie confronts Jack about his link to Ji Min’s death.

As the World Turns

Colonel Mayer murdered Cherie Love, who turned out to be Noah’s Mother.
Jack confessed to Katie that he has feelings for Carly. As a result, Jack moves in with Carly.
Colonel Mayer attacked Luke while on the fishing trip. Luke may be permanently paralyzed.
Holden blames Lily for the accident.
Carly receives news from her physician: she is not dying! Carly hesitates to inform Jack or her children.

Next Week:
Meg may be pregnant, but who is the father? Katie and Brad get closer, and Alison may be pregnant with Will and Gwen’s baby.

The Bold & the Beautiful

Brooke informs Ashley she wants Ridge back.
Eric gains his company back, with one stipulation: Nick sold the company back to Eric as long as he promises to divorce Stephanie.
Rick makes it clear to Ridge that he wants Ashley.
Katie and Jackie confront Donna about her relationship with Eric.
Thomas Forrester returns to wish his Mom well.
Taylor goes into labor during her baby shower!

Next week:
Stephanie returns, and Taylor’s pregnancy does not go smoothly.

Guiding Light

Reva confesses her secret to Jeffrey, and Jeffrey helps to alleviate the situation between Alan and Reva.
Harley and Cyrus continue to look for Marina.
Harley figures out that Alexandra is behind Marina’s disappearance.
Daisy is pregnant and confides in Reva. Reva confides in Josh and Dylan about the pregnancy.
An angry Dylan confronts Daisy about her pregnancy.
Matt makes it clear to Dinah that he wants their relationship to go further.
Gus kisses Natalia, and Rafe witnesses the kiss. Gus promised Rafe that there was no chance of him and Harley making amends.

Next week:
Matt and Mallet face off. Harley confides in Cyrus.

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