As the World Turns - Comings and Goings

As the World Turns - Comings and Goings

Chris Hughes, portrayed by Dylan Bruce

Chris Hughes returning to Oakdale will impact many characters. Before his departure, Chris proposed to Allison. But shortly after the proposal, he and Emily had a brief affair which the two kept secret. At the time, Emily was married to Hal, and Chris was engaged to Allison. Chris and Emily’s attraction towards each other was noticeable. Allison eventually found out about the affair and could not forgive Chris. Soon thereafter, Chris left Oakdale. Now that he is back, how will this impact Allison’s life?

Bonnie McKechnie, portrayed by Chauntee Schuler

Bonnie does not have a long history with As the World Turns. Consequently, it will be very interesting to see how the writers develop her character. Bonnie spent most of her life with her father, Duncan McKechnie in Scotland. When she returned to Oakdale, she brought with her a spoiled attitude. Bonnie’s mother, Jessica, forced her to find employment to encourage responsibility upon her. Bonnie found work at a local restaurant, where she met her future beau Isaac Jenkins. Bonnie and Isaac had an instant connection. Bonnie also learned of some disturbing news from her mother: she found out that Marshall Travers, Barbara Ryan’s attorney, raped Jessica. When Bonnie learned this, she went after Marshall and tried to shoot him! Marshall decided not to file charges. Therefore, Bonnie only had to do community service.

While performing community service, she met a girl named Sarah. Sarah turned out to be Marshall’s child! Marshall later died, not knowing Sarah was his child. Bonnie’s storyline ended when she decided to adopt Sarah and move to Florida to be with Isaac.

Emily Stewart, portrayed by Kelly Menighan Hensley

Before her departure, Emily really turned her life around. She stopped chasing Paul, stopped the prostitution, and helped her sister to beat her drug addiction. Dusty Donavan helped Emily along her path to a better life. They became close, and eventually admitted their feelings for one another. Dusty, however, took advantage of that trust and slept with Emily’s sister, Allison.

I am surprised to see Emily and Dusty paired together. The two have a checkered past; Emily held Dusty at gunpoint once. Emily also played a part in saving little Johnny’s life. Dusty appreciated Emily’s sacrifice, and their relationship changed from that point on. Now that she is back in Oakdale, will they rekindle their romance? Does Emily have the heart to forgive Dusty?


Maddie Coleman, portrayed by Alexandra Chando

I remember seeing Henry’s little sister for the first time. My first impression of Maddie Coleman was a smart and sassy teenager. Maddie came to Oakdale to save her brother’s marriage. Maddie knew Mike Kasnoff was a threat, so she tried to ruin the budding relationship between Katie and him. The plan didn’t work, however. Katie admitted her true feelings for Mike and later divorced Henry.

Maddie was involved in a relationship with Casey Hughes. The relationship ended when Casey was arrested and sent to jail on gambling charges. Maddie found friendship with Noah, who later admitted being in love with Luke. This girl has the worst luck with guys! Alexandra Chando’s final airdate is October 26.

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