Selling on Ebay and Fiverr - Book Reviews

Selling on Ebay and Fiverr - Book Reviews
These ebooks offer quick, useful tips on how to get started selling on eBay, and how to post gigs on Fiverr. You can easily increase your income streams via these internet unique platforms. Here are my reviews for both books.

eBay Selling - The Quick Guide to Sourcing and Listing

I really enjoyed this introductory eBay sales ebook. The author put in a great amount of information on how to get started on eBay, figure out what to sell, how to best package and ship your wares, and grow your online business from small part-time to full-time power seller.

Chapter 1 describes how to start small by selling things around the house. The author suggests how to find cheap items from thrift stores, garage sales and retail clearance bins when it's time to move up to buying items for resale. She lists ways to take photos, write a good sales blurb, and find your sales niche. The importance of prompt shipping and a good return policy is emphasized.

I appreciated Chapter 2 - 4's specific listings of types of magazines, books and clothes that sell the best and have a decent markup for you, the seller. This is unique information worth the inexpensive ebook price alone!

Chapter 5 is all about growing your eBay business, with tips and hints on how to word listings, set up sales policies, use multiple listings properly and create an "About" page.

I appreciated the author's advice to take it slow and allow for sales mistakes while learning the eBay process. This is something often overlooked in texts about learning to be a seller on this quite frankly complicated internet platform.

I would have liked much more information in this section from the author's vast experiences as a Silver Powerseller, but this is a good foundation for those new to eBay selling.

Make Money Online with Fiverr

This is a very short ebook: it's more like an extended article, with some decent hints and tips about using Fiverr to make money. I think it's worth the 99 cent price if you are a novice to As someone with moderate knowledge of Fiverr, I personally did not learn anything new.

There is some good information about how to strategize your Fiverr offerings - obviously you will need to account for how much time, effort and money you will be putting into your Fiverr goods or services. Likewise, you need to allow for the money that Fiverr and Paypal shave off the top of your earnings. This ebook provides specific information about how to work within those limitations.

There are tips on how often to post a 'gig', how to word your listing, how to select a great user name and photo, and how to leverage your skills to make good gigs.

I would have liked to see more detailed money making ideas in list or chart form, with maybe a brainstorming worksheet or two. I feel the author only touched the surface of the many possibilities of creating a small, but steady stream of recurring income with this unique internet platform.

Fiverr can be a good option for just about anyone, with a little bit of thought into setting up the right gigs. This ebook is recommended as a starting point for people investigating generating income stream avenues on the internet.

In Summary

Either of these short, inexpensive ebooks are good enough to get the newbie actually off the ground and started on creating small, steady income streams. Fiverr can get you a lot of small sales that you can keep going indefinitely, while eBay could be the start of an entirely new, lucrative career path!

Order these books via instant Amazon download to your smartphone, laptop or Kindle - eBay Selling - The Quick Guide to Sourcing and Listing and Make Money Online with Fiverr.

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