Getting In The Holiday Spirit

Getting In The Holiday Spirit
At this Holiday season - I want to continuously remind myself of how grateful I am for all my blessings and to also remember that even if something is going wrong in my life, however gloomy it might seem at the time, there are people who are suffering with much bigger problems - and to focus on thinking positively as today's thoughts manifest into your reality for tomorrow.

There is a 'trick' to manifesting what you want into reality - and that is - to 'KNOW' with every fiber in your being that all your wishes, hopes and desires can - and will - come into being. You need to FEEL it - get excited at the thought you are putting in your head and focus on it. Act as if it has already become part of your experience. In other words, KNOW it.

I did an experiment once with my daughter some years ago - she was working in a department store. She called me all excited saying that they were going to be having a drawing among all the employees - someone was going to win a $500 wardrobe in the store. She told me how badly she wanted to win. I told her if she was able to follow what I was about to explain to her, she had a much better chance of winning. I asked her how committed she could be to doing what I said. She assured me she would pay close attention and act on it. I then told her to picture herself in her mind as being called up to the podium - with the person announcing her as the winner. I said for her to SEE herself clearly - what she was wearing at that moment - bring it into her vision - and FEEL that she had already won. You cannot doubt the outcome or it blocks the flow of manifesting what it is you want. I told her to try and stay in that exact moment/feeling. You need the feeling or it will not materialize for you.

Several hours later, my phone rang. It was my daughter yelling with glee that she had won the wardrobe! Out of hundreds of employees she had actually won. She became a believer in, not only positive thinking - but more than that, it's the KNOWING - the feeling of confidently knowing - that you (already) have what it is you want. She sent out 'INTENT" into the Universe. She manifested her desired intention.

I remember once seeing a woman on TV who was a successful business woman, owning a hamburger chain of stores. She was asked what she attributed her success to. She said she wanted more than anything to succeed in that industry - so much so that she 'emersed' herself in burgers. She thought, smelled, ate, slept - hamburgers. She surrounded herself with the one thing she wanted to bring into her life. That is what she said. It might sound ridiculous - but today she's a multi-millionaire thanks to hamburgers, so she did something right.

Just remember that when you GIVE - you then RECEIVE. It's like the Universe's system of checks and balances. It's Karma. Whatever you do - comes back to you. It might take a day, a week, a month - or a year or more, but you will get back what you give out. That is one of the reasons it is so important to give. The Universe will then take care of you. I have always felt more excited to give than to receive. Even when I have very little money in my pocketbook - when I see a Donation cup for 'needy' children or abused animals, I gladly give.

When we cling to things - we have more of a chance of losing them. We are not supposed to be 'attached' to 'things'. You can want them, like them and have them, but as Susie Orman always says - PEOPLE - FIRST, MONEY - SECOND, THINGS - THIRD. As I've gotten older I have gotten less enjoyment out of 'things' and much more enjoyment out of the little things in life; i.e., not worrying so much about how things look (in the house)- and if I have the opportunity to go and do something with someone I love, putting whatever it is aside that I was involved in - and spending some time with that special person. Going and making a memory - a special memory -- that is something 'things' just cannot reward you with.

At this holiday time, I hope you are able to spend it with the one/ones you love. The Beatles sang '...all you need is love...'; I think all people really want is to be loved - feel loved - feel understood.

I hope to hear from you with your thoughts - love hearing from my readers!

Until next time...Stay Positive!

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