Touchdown Card Game

Touchdown Card Game
The game Touchdown is similar to playing football as you hope to use the whole field/board of play. You can even cheer for your favorite suit/team to win!

Take the four Aces and four Kings from the deck. Now you need to decide which two groups of Aces and Kings you will keep to play against each other. The teams are red versus black. It is your choice whether you keep diamonds over hearts or spades over clubs or vice versa. The Aces and Kings that were not chosen will go back into the deck for play. Shuffle the cards at least one time before starting the game.

Place the two Aces underneath each other with about a half a card length to spare. Place the Kings straight across the board from their corresponding Aces. You want to leave room for the possibility of placing all thirteen cards in the suit across the board. That is your field of play.

The remaining cards in the deck are to be turned over in groups of three. Only the top card is available for play. If the top card matches a suit on the board, then place it in its approximate position nearer to the Ace or the King. You can worry about adjusting the placements later to make it look nice.

For example, let’s say you had the Ace and King of clubs as a team. Now, suppose you turned over the 3 of clubs on top. Try to place it one card space away from the Ace. That way, the 2 of clubs can slide right in there assuming it is turned up as a top card in play.

Continue the play with both strings of teams until you can no longer lay down cards that match the suits. The card suit with the most cards in it can be declared the winner.

Now, before you just lay down cards, you can lay the three cards down in such a way that you can see the cards underneath. This can help you strategize before making certain moves. But, remember; only the top card is available for play.

You may not always want to pick up the card on top and put it in play. You may want to wait for another turn. Possibly more cards in a particular suit would be able to be played on the next turn if you left that card in the deck.

There are no limits to turning up the three cards for play until there are no more plays to be made. If you get all thirteen cards across you have scored a Touchdown! Can it be done? Yes, but the odds are usually against it.

You will each need a deck of cards. For this game, you need to decide, as in checkers, who will be red and who will be black. Each of you gets a chance with only one team. Whoever has the most cards in their string is declared the winner.

Should you choose, each player can both play with two teams, or suits. The winners of those matches could take on the other if you would like to prolong the play.

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