Lottery Of Skin Colour

Lottery Of Skin Colour
When I was twelve years old I was living with my mother’s adopted parents. We lived in a town where many new nationalities and cultures were living alongside the English people I had grown up with. My grand-mother was a clever woman who could do amazing mathematical calculations in her head. My grand-father had been in the navy most of his life and had travelled the world. Both of them were racists. Not out of unkindness but pure ignorance of their neighbours and fellow man.

One day I was in the kitchen with my grand-mother and we were talking about what I would like to do when I grew up. I told her I was going to live in Saudi Arabia. She asked me why? I said, “Because all my friends want to go to America and Arabia sounds exotic.” She told me never to marry an Arab. I asked her why? She replied, “You will have black babies!” I said, “One day the whole world will be full of mixed up people.” She laughed at me and said “Never”.

Mixed race people are now everywhere on the planet. My sons are mixed race. There are even twins being born with one child having light skin and the other child having dark skin. Pure race is a thing of the past as we are blending together into a mixed society of human beings as it should be.

DNA has shown that some people who think they are from African ancestry actually have Germanic genes. Babies with dark skin have been born to white skin mothers because somewhere along the family line African genes were introduced into the bloodline. In the twenty first century it is ‘normal’ to find mixed race people yet there is still racism. Even in families where one child may be lighter or darker than the others there is teasing and bulling because of skin colour.

Depending on our upbringing and our own points of view regarding race and colour, we will either be accepting of people with different skin tones or we will reject them. Race and religion are two of the hottest topics that people discuss. The two subjects inevitably cause arguments and fighting when then is disagreement.

Underneath the skin is a body which houses a soul and a mind. It is not for any of us to judge each other because of the colour of the skin God gave to each of us. I do not understand how anyone can be hated or despised just because of skin colour. I have never understood racism.

I remember as a child watching a television documentary about segregation in the USA. They showed a clip of a very tall, elegant, old black man in a suit being hit on the backs of his legs and his shoulders with sticks, by white men who hated him just for the colour of his skin and the fact he lived in their town. They knocked his hat off and he bent down and picked it up, dusted it and put it back on his head while they continued to hit him and abuse him. One man kicked him up the backside. He didn’t say a word just held his head high and walked away. I have never forgotten that man and what he had to face every day just to exist.

God gave the world to all of us so that we can live together not so that one person of a particular colour can dominate and oppress another. The way we think will never change, it is ingrained into our genes. God sent us down as enemies of each and we are showing our true colours.

Chapter 30, verse 22
Among His proofs are the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and the variation in your languages and your colours. In these there are signs for the knowledgeable.

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