Zippy Keychain Wallet Tutorial Finishing

Zippy Keychain Wallet Tutorial Finishing

Make Window Pocket

For this step, you will need vinyl piece, loop side (fuzzy side) piece of hook and loop tape, 4 1/2" of both pressed ribbon and fusible tape.

  1. Stick a piece of fusible tape to inside crease of the folded ribbon and wrap ribbon evenly around one long edge of vinyl. Press *very* carefully and quickly, making sure to not touch the vinyl with iron. Edgestitch along ribbon edge. If you have trouble with your presser foot sticking to the vinyl, place a piece of tissue paper on top of vinyl before sewing.

  2. Align cut (raw) edge of hook and loop tape along opposite end of the vinyl piece (this will now be the bottom) and edgestitch along top edge of hook and loop tape (refer to photo below).

Trim edges and set aside for later.

 This photo shows how the pocket window should look when completed. Click image to enlarge.

Prepare Main Piece

For this step, you will need both of Piece A, the 4 1/2" piece of flat ribbon and 4 1/2" of fusible tape.
  1. Decide which Piece A you want to use for the outside piece of your zippy wallet and lay it on your work surface right side up. Stick fusible tape to one side of the flat ribbon and place it across the middle of Piece A as shown. I did this by folding the fabric in half to temporarily crease it across the middle and used that line to align it across the ribbon. Adjust as necessary and then fuse in place. Edgestitch along both edges of the ribbon. This ribbon piece covers the part of the wallet that will receive the most wear, enabling it to last longer (refer to photo below).

Trim any excess ribbon from edges and set aside.

 This photo shows the ribbon added to the center of the main piece for strength. Click image to enlarge.

Prepare Key Ring Tab

For this step, you will need 2" of pressed ribbon (if you are using 7/8" ribbon, use a 2 1/2" piece)
  1. Edge stitch along both edges of the folded ribbon (refer to photo below).

Set aside.

 This photo shows the completed keyring tab. Click image to enlarge.

Assemble Wallet

  1. Stack prepared pieces, aligning edges, as follows (refer to photo below):

    Piece A with ribbon, face down
    Piece A without ribbon, face up
    Vinyl window pocket on bottom
    Zipper pouch on top
    Key Ring Tab, folded in half, on top of zipper pouch, in the middle

  2.  This photo shows how the components should be stacked. Click image to enlarge.

  3. Take stack to sewing machine and baste around outside edge 1/8" from edge to hold all pieces in place in preparation for attaching ribbon binding (see photo below).

     This photo shows the edgestitching. Click image to enlarge.


  1. Stick fusible tape inside the remaining long piece of pressed ribbon. Beginning in the middle of one side of the zippered pouch (see photo below), wrap ribbon evenly around the edges of the wallet and press in place as you go, mitering the corners.

     Start ribbon in the middle of one edge as shown here. Click image to enlarge.

  2.  To make an attractive miter, the trick is to fuse the ribbon down all the way to the edge and then press down on the outside at the corner to force the ribbon to fold at an angle. Click the image to enlarge.

     Adjust the angle so that the point meets the edge of the ribbon on both sides. It seems tricky the first time, but keep working at it and it will fall into place, I promise! Click image to enlarge.

  3. Continue wrapping and pressing ribbon in place until you approach the starting point of the ribbon. Leaving end of ribbon free, cut ribbon long enough to overlap beginning by 1" and trim at a 45 degree angle. Using a lighter or match, carefully melt cut end of ribbon slightly (this will prevent the cut edge from fraying).

     If you look close, you can see how the cut edge is slightly shiny. That's all you need to do to keep it from fraying. Click image to enlarge.

    Finish wrapping ribbon around the edge and press end in place, making sure edges are aligned. Edgestitch along edge of ribbon, doublestitching over where the keyring tab is to reinforce it, making sure to catch both sides of the ribbon. Backstitch at the end to secure seam.

  4. Slide your split ring through the ribbon tab and you are done! In these photos, you can see the completed inside and how it looks folded up with keys attached.

 View of the finished inside. Click image to enlarge.

 All done and ready to use! Click image to enlarge.

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