Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant
It the hot news on everyone’s lips this week. Forget about older sister Britney and her legal wrangling over child custody and missed court dates – everyone is talking about little sis Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy.

The sixteen-year-old recently revealed that she’s twelve weeks pregnant by her long-time boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. It has been publicized that she took two weeks to herself, to consider her options about the pregnancy. Major news sources have all been asking the same question – did she consider an abortion?

An unnamed source, supposedly close to the situation said that outsiders pushed for an abortion, but Jamie Lynn and her family decided for her to keep the baby.

Maybe you’re in school right now and know of a girl that got pregnant before she graduated, you might be friends with a young woman who fell pregnant unexpectedly, or you might remember back to your high school days, when the girl who got pregnant was the target of whispers, stares, and nasty gossip. Poor Jamie Lynn, she’s getting that a million times over – all for coming out and being honest about her situation.

Of all people, she had the money and the means to get a secret abortion without anyone, family included, knowing this had happened. But she stepped up, admitted it to her family, and then to the rest of the world, very potentially ruining her career in the meantime.

Chances are high that she did seriously consider abortion. Most pregnant girls her age will give it at least a fleeting though. Good for her though, she made the right choice to keep the baby, and she cemented her decision by announcing it so publicly.

While many parents are cringing at the thought of their daughters’ hero falling so spectacularly, they can use it as an opportunity to open a dialogue about premarital sex and abstinence. Yes, Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend met at church and she was a so-called “good girl.” It shows us that no one is immune to sidestepping our previous convictions and it may result in unintended pregnancies.

In the end, I feel for Jamie Lynn. Notice that I didn’t say I feel bad for her – a baby isn’t a curse, not at all. I do feel a certain heartache for her that her life has taken such a sharp veer off her chosen path, because of her immature decision to have premarital sex. Thankfully, she didn’t compound her bad decision by having an abortion. As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

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