Board Games of 2007

Board Games of 2007
flapdoodle.jpgFlapdoodle(kids or adults)- Flapdoodle is a new family board game that is a lesson in creative thinking. Players draw a Flapdoodle card and then do what the card says. It might be coming up with two new ways to save goodbye and then demonstrating them or plenty of other fun tasks. If you complete it, then move forward the number of spaces noted on the card. Be the first player to make it through the Flapdoodle factory to win the game.

Thomas the Train making tracks(kids) - Kids love Thomas and in this game kids build a track to the main line. Then it's a race to the middle of the board.

Luck of the Draw(kids or adults) - Now here is a game that I really enjoyed. It's a drawing game, no talent required. You draw the subject of the card and then when everyone is finished, you will vote for the drawing that fits certain categories. The categories might be something like 'best use of a stick figure' or 'most likely to hang on a refrigerator.'

Froggie Boogie (kids)- The baby frogs are playing on the lily pads but can only move around the pond when Mommy or Daddy isn't watching. On your turn, players choose a frog's eye. If the bottom of the eye is blank, the player can advance their baby frog and take another turn. If there is a frog, then their playing piece must stay where it is. Froggie Boogie is part memory game and can be a lot of fun for young children.

GiftTRAP(adults, older kids) - Here is a fun way to find out about what makes a great gift for your friends or family. Play GiftTRAP where if you are a good giver then you are likely to go far in this game.

seismic.jpgSeismic(adults or kids) - it's your job at the Seismic Asphalt and Paving Company to build a highway around San Andreas, California. The area is very prone to earthquakes, so the crew that can connect the most roads after an event wins the game.

Animal Express(kids of all ages) (Tier Express)- The animals are going on a trip but must pack first. Players take turn rolling the dice to determine which animal they must place in the suitcase. But be careful to not lose any animals. When you've lost four, it's game over for you.

Bingory(kids)- This cute, all wooden, kids game combines Bingo and Memory. Each player has a playing board that has four squares, each with a different picture. Then players choose two tiles. If they match and are also on their board then they can place them on their board. The first person to match all four of their objects wins the game.

Pieces of Eight(adults, older kids) - not technically a board game but a game worth mentioning. Each player will need a boxed set of pirate coins to play. Each person places their coin in the order they choose and then take turns revealing this coins, deciding what to do next.

Walk the Dogs(kids or adults) - is a fun game that features cute plastic dogs that are placed in a line. Then players try to make the longest chain of the same dog. Even if you don't play the game, the game pieces are fun to play with.

Sudoku Challenge(kids or adults) - is actually two games packaged into one as it comes with a simpler version called zoodoku that is perfect for kids. Zoodoku works on the same concept as Sudoku but with animals.

These are just a few of the board games that have been reviewed(or not yet reviewed) at BellaOnline board games. Check the categories for more in-depth game reviews of some of these games and more.

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