ATWT Triangle

ATWT Triangle
The truth is finally out - Meg and Paul can be a couple again. Craig is thrown to the waste side, and soon, Rosanna will pack her bags. But wait a minute. Craig’s heartfelt speech to Meg was quite moving. He made some valid points about Paul, and made me wonder if he really is the better man?

Craig indicated that Paul and he are similar in many ways. When he said that, I had to wonder. Let’s look at his parents. After all, Paul is James Stenbeck’s child. James was an evil man. He put Barbara through a horrific marriage. Paul thought he was so awful that he even refuses to take his last name. Instead, Paul goes by his mother’s maiden name: Ryan. And let’s not forget about Paul’s mother, Barbara, who was indirectly responsible for Rose’s death. Barbara is single-handedly responsible for Will’s twisted adolescence. With parents like these, did some of that behavior rub off on Paul?

Craig also indicated that Paul has done some questionable things himself. He kept the secret about Jennifer’s baby being alive, he has strung Emily along for years, shot his own father, and faked his own death. Even though Craig has a longer timeline, Paul is far from squeaky clean.

I was thrilled when I first learned the news of Paul being the father of Meg’s baby. But now my enthusiasm is a little diminished as I realize that Meg can do so much better than Paul or Craig. Craig indicated that Meg should be alone. This is probably the most honest statement he has made in the history of As the World Turns.

Craig also made another good point by saying that the few months he and Meg were together he saw Meg’s feelings for him grow. Meg began to genuinely care for Craig. He did change in some ways. Craig started to become more human. He started hanging out with Meg’s family and being somewhat compassionate. And although Paul loves Meg, I don’t think it’s to the same depths as Craig’s love.

I am in no way sticking up for Craig. After all, he did try to kill Meg’s baby with no regard to her health. But Craig statements have some validity. I understand that Craig will have an agenda to get Meg back with him. And because Meg’s heart is really with Paul, I don’t see that happening. But I do see Meg having a rocky future with Paul. Paul has always been a recluse, someone who hardly smiles, and one who always looks like he has a headache or is in deep thought. This triangle should definitely make for interesting television.

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