Dietary Laws In Islam

Dietary Laws In Islam
Today there are many myths and fabricated laws restricting what Muslims can and cannot eat. God sent us the Quran so that we could gain knowledge and wisdom and not wonder about what is lawful and what is not lawful to eat. We are told absolutely in the Quran.

There is a verse in the Quran which tells us exactly what is prohibited to us,

Chapter 6:145
Say: ‘I find not in the message received by me by inspiration forbidden to a person who eats things which are edible, unless it be dead meat, or blood poured forth or the meat of pig because all these are unclean or in, disobedience to God, animals slaughtered in someone else’s name.

Muslims are being told by unauthorised people that they cannot eat any part of the pig but the next verse clearly shows that God distinguishes between meat and fat and that only the flesh, meat of the pig is unlawful for us to eat.

Chapter 6, verse 146
For those who are Jewish we prohibited animals with undivided hoofs; and of the cattle and sheep we prohibited the FAT, except that which is carried on their backs, or in the viscera, or mixed with bones. That was a retribution for their transgressions, and we are truthful.

Those who put restrictions on what we eat other than the above restrictions do so without the authorisation of God. God is very clear in the Quran about what we can and cannot do and there is no need for any other books or authorities to restrict our food. God knew that in the future people would use lard for cooking and food with lard is not prohibited as it does not contain the meat of the pig. I know many will disagree with this statement, but it is God who makes the rules and not I.

Chapter 5, verse 3
Prohibited for you are animals that die of themselves, blood, the meat of pigs, and animals dedicated to other than God. Animals which die by strangulation, struck with an object, fallen from a height, gored, attacked by a wild animal - unless you save your animal before it dies - and animals sacrificed on altars. Also prohibited is dividing the meat through a game of chance; this is an abomination. Today, the disbelievers have given up concerning your religion; do not fear them and fear Me instead.Today, I have completed your religion, perfected My blessing upon you, and I have decreed Submission as the religion for you. If one is forced by famine, without being deliberately sinful, then God is Forgiver, Merciful.

Chapter 5, verse 5
This day are all good things made lawful for you. The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them…

The so called halal meat sold in the butchers today is implying that meat bought from elsewhere is not edible by Muslims. They trick people into thinking their meat is better for you than any other meat. How do you know that the meat you are eating is ‘halal’? Were you there when it was killed? God makes it very clear in the Quran that we are all responsible for making our own food ‘ halal’ by mentioning the name of God before we eat it.

Chapter 6, verse 118
Therefore eat of that on which God's name has been mentioned if you are believers in His revelations.

Chapter 6, verse 119
Why should you not eat from that upon which God's name has been mentioned ? He has explained to you what is prohibited for you, unless you are forced. Indeed, many people mislead others with their personal opinions, without knowledge. Your Lord is fully aware of the transgressors.

Each and every one of us is responsible for mentioning the name of God over anything we eat. We are not supposed to rely on others to make our food ‘halal’ for us. The only restrictions are those above and in Islam everything is either ‘allowed’ or ‘forbidden’ there is no middle ground. There is no…’Oh, it’s okay to eat it today because it is Friday’! NO, the rules are laid out in the Quran and we must abide by those rules, not make up other rules to suit our needs or listen to others who claim things to be ‘haram’ when they are not or ‘macroo’ when they cannot make up their minds.

Only four things are forbidden to eat, the carcass of a dead animal, running blood, pork meat, meat killed in a name other than God.

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