Road Gremlins

Road Gremlins
We have all been there. Everything seems to be going right, when all of a sudden your bike’s turn signal goes out for no apparent reason or the battery dies or you hit a monster pot hole you swore wasn’t there a minute ago. For years, these incidents have been blamed on the “road gremlins”. Folk tales have described road gremlins as quick moving creatures that are reported to live on the highways and roadsides waiting for an unsuspecting rider to come motoring their way. They will attach themselves to your bike and cause mishaps upon mishaps. In fact, the road gremlins have caused so much havoc and accidents that there is an industry that produces charms that wards them off. There are many stories about how the road gremlins came about, but have no doubt, they are there!

The number one protection thought to ward off road gremlins is a bell. Bells have been revered in the Orient as wards to chase evil spirits for centuries. The story goes that an evil spirit cannot tolerate the ringing noise and gets caught in the hollow of the bell; therefore, bells were placed on animals and doors of houses. Motorcycle riders place bells on their bikes for protection for both the bike and rider. In fact, it is said that the ringing drives any road gremlins from the bike and onto the highway, leaving the rider and bike in safety. By placing a bell on your bike, you are ensuring that road gremlins won’t even come near your bike because of the ringing of the bell.

The Progressive Insurance Company believes in road gremlins and has caught them in action in their commercial, Gremlins-Kickstand. Take a look at the link below on the Progressive commercial on YouTube to see what a road gremlin looks like.

When you purchase a motorcycle bell and place it on your bike, it offers protection, but when a loved one or close friend gives you one, you have the maximum protection. It means they care about you. What better feeling can you get than giving or receiving a bell when it means you have friends and loved ones. When you place it on your bike, you want it to be low to the ground, but not so low it will catch on obstacles and come off. Most people put it on their swing arm and place it as forward as possible, so that the road gremlins will jump away when they first see you.

Motorcycles bells come in all types, small angel bells, patriotic bells, dealers specific bells, POW bells, and much more than I can list. I have placed some links below that show you where to get road bells. No matter if you believe in road gremlins or not, a road bell and regular preventive maintenance goes a long way to keep you feeling safe and secure.

Until next week, may the gremlins stay far away.


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