Empire Earth

Empire Earth
Designed along the lines of Age of Empires, with some of the same programmers, Empire Earth stretches from prehistory into the far future. Think of it as the standard build-a-civilization game with a timeline that encompasses all of mankind's history.

The graphics are really great. It seems that every new release raises the graphics bar a bit, and Empire Earth falls into that category. It's a fully 3D version of Age of Empires, with little farms, temples, stables, trees, airports, towers, and more. The water ripples, the trees sway in the wind. There are different terrain types, from snow to desert to rocks and jungle. The plants and landscape features match the terrain properly.

There are all sorts of great units matching the various time periods. There are frigates and battleships, galleons and triremes and catapult ships. The fully customizable scenario editor lets you mix and match the forces in one giant time-warp map, or construct your own historic scenarios. Drop an iceberg into the water, and you see the water lapping up against its edges. You can zoom fully in and out to admire your work!

The game campaigns are a fun trek through history. Start out with sticks and stones, and just a few units. Take care of your goats, and soon you'll be progressing along through the Greeks, Romans, middle ages, Renaissance and all the way up to the far future.

The range of units, cultures and timelines available is truly amazing. The campaigns are just to whet your appetite and get you started. When you're sure you understand the commands and tactics, it's time to go on line! You'll find thousands of maps, thousands of players, and a truly infinite number of scenarios to play out. Design any historical situation and see how you do in WW2 or in the War of the Roses. Try various combinations in the war against Cleopatra.

A truly great game for any strategy fan, and one that can keep you occupied for months - or at least until a new version of the game comes out!

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