Logitech G7 Wireless Mouse - Gaming Grade Laser

Logitech G7 Wireless Mouse - Gaming Grade Laser
When you're gaming, you want your controller to be super quick and accurate. The Logitech G7 bills itself as having a gaming grade laser. What does this mean?

Well first off, I definitely am a gamer, and I use my computer system pretty much 24 hours a day. I use my mice VERY heavily and tend to wear them out quickly. It's critical to me that a mouse work smoothly, and work reliably.

Point 1 in the Logitech G7's favor - it is wireless. I hate wires, they get caught on things on your desk and in general create 'drag' when you move the mouse. I really like wireless. The wireless here works without any problems at all. The mouse moves exactly where I want it to, quickly and smoothly. I should think by now that they have this whole wireless thing figured out and this is to be expected.

Next, it's a laser and not a rolly ball. Rolly balls are notorious for getting gunked up with lint, dust, and whatever else happens to be lying on the table. With the laser, it's a smooth slide to point to your destination. You don't need any sort of special mat or pad beneath the mouse - the laser works on any surface I've tried it on. Of course you want the surface to be smooth, so the mouse slides easily.

The mouse has some cool features. The wheel between the buttons actually "tilts" left and right, so you can have that give you extra control during a game. You can have the tilt be your weapon strafe, for example. There's also a side thumb button that could be assigned to weapon swap or other tasks.

On the downside, the battery life in this mouse is INCREDIBLY short. I put one in at 3:30pm and by midnight it was done. On the good side, the mouse comes with a USB charger and an extra battery. This means that a dead mouse only takes 10 seconds to pop out the battery in one, pop in the battery from the charger, and you're set. There's no cases to remove - in both sides it's a one-button eject that's quick and easy. There's a charge indicator on the mouse to tell you when it's dying and when it's charged up. It works fine right up until it croaks, so you don't have to worry about lagging gameplay on those final moments. Still, I find it odd that it only lasts a day. I do realize that I am a VERY heavy computer user and most people aren't using their mice 24 hours a day. Still, I would have thought it could go for more than a day before swapping was necessary.

Well rated for gamers, and even the day-life isn't a big issue since it's so easy to swap and keep going.

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