Card Playing Etiquette

Card Playing Etiquette

In most card games, the dealer does his or her part and play begins to the left. Sometimes that is not always the rule, and different players may have different ideas about who starts after the cards are dealt.

How does the dealer get chosen? Sometimes it is older age versus younger age. In some games, the birthday person deals first, and they also get to pick the game. Perhaps in your card club, the person who picks the higher or lower card deals first.


You can most certainly review the last trick taken, but it doesn't change the outcome. In the popular board game, Monopoly; if someone lands on your property and you do not collect the rent, you forfeit the rent. The same rules apply in card games, unless there is obvious cheating.


Even in the friendliest of card games, sometimes things may prove to be a little too tempting for someone. Sometimes people do things that you would not expect them to for one reason or another. Before you sit down at the table, iron out the rules for anyone caught cheating.

Are you going to ban them permanently from future games? Will you just expect them to leave for that one game only? Will the public embarrassment of being caught cheating among friends be enough? Only you and your card club can decide what rules to use. Sometimes the circumstances may dictate new rules at that time.

Cheating among friends is the last thing you want to think about. Just make sure that the card club doesn't stop because one person makes it less enjoyable and more than a little uncomfortable.


If everyone takes turns bringing snacks, drinks, or even the cards, be a sport and take your turn. Don't be absent when it is your turn for the entertainment duties. It may not seem like much, but resentment can build up when people see someone else not doing their share.


Is the music too loud? Should the TV be on in the background while people are trying to concentrate? It depends on the game. If this is a family and friends game, it might not matter. If the game is on the more serious side, then a quiet room would be best. If you cannot accommodate everyone, then try to please the majority.

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